Norman Pattiz Announces New

In December 2016, Norman Pattiz announced the launch of “Beyond The Darkness” as the newest program on the Jericho Network. The Jericho Network is one of the many networks under PodcastOne, the largest advertiser-supported podcast network in America and is headed by famed WWE star Chris Jericho. Jericho has been very successful at evolving his network from merely containing wrestling to also including comedy and now the discussion of the supernatural and spooky. Hosting “Beyond the Darkness” is the recognized Dave Schader and Tim Dennis. Jericho is excited to be bringing forth this new venture into the mystical and for the two hosts’ fanbase to join the Jericho Network.


PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales were launched in 2016 by Norman Pattiz, who had previously launched the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. Pattiz began his foray into the digital world after leaving his radio network Westwood One, which had become America’s largest radio network in the Broadcast Industry, and ran into Kit Gray. Kit Gray was a representative of other people’s podcasts and the more he spoke with Norman, the more Norman realized podcasts were basically a digitized Westwood One. Now Pattiz’ days are filled with this small business that has made a huge name in the industry, he does whatever needs to be done without distinguishing between job titles. He states that he loves the democracy of podcasts and how they fail or succeed based completely on the consumer and their preferences, no middle-man necessary. Norman is not new to the communication business but enjoys the invigorating nature of a new platform where information flows so freely that anyone can be an expert. If he had the chance to do it again, Pattiz firmly believes that he would not change a thing about what has brought him to where he is now.


Pattiz founded Westwood One in the 1970’s and served as Executive Chairman for several years. It included some of the most largely recognized programs broadcasted in the news and entertainment broadcast industry. He served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America between 2000 to 2006. Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 and has been the recipient of several prestigious awards including the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting, the Distinguished Education Service Award, as well as many Broadcaster of the Year awards.

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The Importance Of Budgeting With Richard Blair

Budgeting is one of the most important steps one must take in order to reach his financial goals. One thing that can hinder the goals of the individual is his tendency to overspend. However, one thing to understand is that overspending can be very easy, especially with all of the unexpected expenses.

Also, if one loses track of his spending, he is more likely than not to find himself faced with a nasty surprise. This is especially the case for people who make very little money. This is why it is important to look into budgeting. However, it is better to get assistance from someone when it comes to budgeting.

According to Manta, one person who can help with budgeting is Richard Blair Wealth Solutions. Richard Blair’s method of coming up with a budget is very powerful because he is able to look at the household and add up all of the expenses. Then he is also able to factor in the income of the individual or the household.

Afterwards, he can come up with a deal that will help him save money. This involves setting up a rainy day fund. One of the best ways to stay above ground financially is to put aside some money for any use which include emergencies.

One thing Richard Blair Wealth Solutions encourages people to do is work on increasing the budget every chance they get. One of the ways to do that is by avoiding buying any luxuries for a while. For people that are struggling, the worst thing they can do is live even at the edge of their means.

Richard is good at coming up with a plan for the individual that will keep him within his means. The individual could then consider other options such as investing in order to generate more income.

Jason Hope Is One Important Innovator To Watch

Ever since Jason Hope was a child, he had an insatiable fixation on technology and the transformational role it played in people’s lives. Growing up, he voraciously read such publications as Popular Science, Nature and even technical journals for engineers and computer scientists. It was with this foundation in and acute enchantment with the turning gears of science that he went about setting his own wheels of innovation to turning.

A history of foresight

After graduating from Arizona State University, Mr. Hope founded his first startup, a mobile content provider called Jawa. Jawa provided ringtones, music and videos to cell phone users on a proprietary interface that made downloading and payment as simple as a few clicks. This would all sound largely unremarkable until we consider that Mr. Hope was doing all this in the late 90s, 10 years before the first iPhone hit the shelves and long before the majority of people even had cell phones.

Mr. Hope’s crystal ball, which allowed him to apparently see trends decades before they manifested, has not failed him since either. Jason Hope’s founded various firms including a highly successful search engine optimization company that has helped thousands of clients rank their websites on the first page of Google as well as a number of B2B mobile applications and industrial software solutions.

Despite all these successes, Mr. Hope sees them as being absolutely nothing compared to what’s coming. Currently, he’s preaching the gospel to a flock of techies and internet-savvy entrepreneurs through his guest blogging and writing efforts on a number of sites from Wired to his own blog, Hope is proselytizing audiences to the technological rapture that he sees in the coming widespread adoption of the Internet of Things. Hope says that this new networking paradigm, more than just a logical extension of existing infrastructure, will represent a transformation as profound as the Industrial Revolution.

Hope states that the Internet of Things will usher in efficiency gains and reduction of labor demand that will be totally unprecedented in human history. Hope is profoundly optimistic that this will lead to such things as the 15 hour work week, once dismissed as Utopian fantasy.


Why You Should Invest in Gold

Gold is a precious metal and also a platform for investment. It has the most important refuge and enclosing properties in most countries. Most investors buy gold as a way of diversifying risks. Through years, gold has continually maintained its value, unlike other assets.


Investing in gold comes along with many advantages. When the period of price decrease sets in, activities in business slow and debt excessively burdens the economy, the purchasing power of gold goes up while all other prices fluctuate. Similarly, during times that there is geopolitical uncertainty, gold retains its value. Gold is therefore referred to as “the crises commodity,” as people tend to run to it for safety when the geopolitical pressure in the world rise. It thus outdoes other investments. For instance, when there occurred a crisis in the European Union, its prices went high.


The emerging market economies have in previous years boosted the demand for gold. Gold is part of the culture in most of this countries. India, for instance, is one of the highest gold consuming country in the world. Gold in India has many uses including jewelry. The Indians have a wedding season at around October, and therefore, October is a month that sees the demand for gold going up globally. In China, the demand for gold is constant since the Chinese people use gold bars as their traditional forms of saving.


As the value of such investment as stock and bond decreases, the prices of gold increases, making the investment of gold an essential part of the diversified investment. One, therefore, needs a platform that can help him/her in both investment and distribution.


U.S Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors of U.S. Government issued gold, silver, and platinum. This private company was founded in the year 2001 and has over the years become of great essence to the people of U.S. Over a hundred thousand of clients depend on this company to expand their assets with metals which have physical value, basically in the form of gold and silver coins.


U.S. Money Reserve prides itself in having a qualified personnel. The team includes specially trained numismatic and coin professionals, who have an expertise knowledge on the market to look for products that have a potential of high profitability for buyers of metal at every level. The customer services at U.S. Money Reserve are exceptionally standard, as they aim at building a long-lasting relationship with each and every customer.

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Your Checklist For Hiring An Event Planner

There are certain steps you must take when searching for qualified event planners in NYC. You need to determine the details of your event, interview your planners and negotiate the terms. Use the following checklist to hire the right planner for your event.


Figure Out Your Goals: It is easier to plan your event and budget when you figure out your goals.


Figure Out Your Need For A Planner: You need to figure out why you are hiring an event planner so they have an idea of their job.


Figure Out Your Budget: Determine your budget so your planner is aware of how much you are spending on your event.


Find A Qualified Planner: You can find a planner who is experienced in your type of event by checking out chapters of professional membership groups, local chambers of commerce and hotels and the hotel convention sales department.


Interview Three Planners: The interviews should include details about your event, their expertise and their business.


Do Your Research: Your planner should provide references and the venues of their past events. Use the sources to check their references and learn more about their business.


Narrow Your Search To One Planner: Your potential planner should present a plan that is based on your goals and budget.


Find Out Their Budget: Ask your planner to present their terms and fees in advance so you know if they are right for your event.


Negotiate and Review: Hold off on providing a deposit or signing a contract until everything has been reviewed by your legal counsel.


Communicate: Communication is the key to making sure you are on the same page and they are delivering on their promised services.


Be Prepared: Be prepared for the possibility of firing and rehiring your planner or changing planners altogether.


There are many event planning companies in NYC, but one company that is popular among hosts is Twenty Three Layers. The staff has experience is planning personal and corporate events, from a glamorous wedding to an awards banquet. Decorating, catering, photography, entertainment and venue selection are just a few of the services used to make your event a success.


Using a checklist is a great way to find a qualified planner for your event.

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Real Estate Developer Omar Boraie (Updated 2017)

UPDATE — January 20th 2017 — Trust Donates to Rutgers Cancer Institute

Omar Boraie is a real estate developer based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He has had a long career of revitalizing New Brunswick along with other cities such as Newark and Atlantic City. During his career, he has helped make major developments in New Brunswick which has helped make the city a prosperous community. Boraie has developed a number of residential and commercial properties that have made New Brunswick among the most desirable places to live. Omar Boraie is the current founder of his real estate development firm, Boraie Development. With his development company, he has looked to enhance the quality of life in various communities.

At the beginning of his career, Omar Boraie had a vision of making New Brunswick one of the best communities in the state. According to Omar, the city did not have any new buildings or residential units. In 1972, Boraie realized that the entire community was devoid of businesses and cultural amenities. As a result, he decided to engage in projects that would turn the community around. Omar knew that the city could be revitalized and transformed into one of the premier cities on in the area. His first projects would be an office building located on Albany Street. It would add a number of office suites to allow businesses to set up a base of operations.

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After developing and constructing lots of new office buildings, Omar then set his sights on developing residential buildings. He began work on a New York style high rise condo. While many people in the community thought this was risky, Boraie believed that it would be yet another project to make New Brunswick an attractive city to both conduct business and reside in. Over the years, Boraie would continue to build new residential office buildings which helped make New Brunswick the vibrant community it is today.

While Omar has made considerable contributions to the city of New Brunswick, he says that he is not the only one to change the city for the better. Omar credits the company Johnson & Johnson along with Rutgers University, New Brunswick Tomorrow and the New Brunswick Development Corporation in making the city one of the top communities in New Jersey. The contributions of these institutions have helped allow Omar and his company to develop new buildings to compliment the educational and business institutions of New Brunswick. Boraie still plans to complete more projects and often says that he enjoys his work as a real estate developer.


Securus Technologies Corrects Misleading Information by GTL

Securus Technologies recently came out publicly to make a press release that addresses several claims made by GTL. In early press releases, GTL made several allegations that were false. The claims targeted the reputation of Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has since come out to defend itself. Most of the claims made by GTL directly impacted Securus reputation. Securus Technologies Company CEO has therefore come out to defend the company reputation. He saw the need of sending out information to the public. The press release by Securus comes with findings based on facts and data. It is an indication that GTL has not been totally honest with its customers.


Securus Technologies made an extensive press release. It contained detailed information that showed that GTL had made gross errors and released inaccurate information. Additionally, the information made by GTL in earlier posts had to be reviewed if they were legit or not. Securus Technologies considered the patent technologies and procedures in question and found them to be extremely inaccurate.


Securus Technologies knows that obtaining a patent doesn’t take a few years. It is a long process that takes a lot of time and consumes millions of dollars. However, GTL has sought the short term process to tarnish the name of other companies. I think that GTL should seek to find its patented technologies first before tarnishing that of others. Securus Technologies has more patents than GTL. While GTL has only 51, Securus Technologies has its total number of patents amounting to 151.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas. It has served several public safety facilities and millions of inmates within the United States. The company has always shown its dedication to serving. It provides services that improve communication and safety in correction facilities. BBB recently reviewed the firm. It determined that Securus has a rating of A+.


David Osio and his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group launch its new real estate Application

David Osio is the principal owner of the Davos Real Estate Group. This is one of the companies operating under the Davos Financial Business Conglomerate. David was accompanied by Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzales, the Executive Directors of the Davos Real Estate Company, to announce the launch of the brand new application for the real estate clients. According to him, this new application is one of the first things they fought to achieve by the end of the year. They are all glad that it came to pass before the year ended. For their distinguished clientele, this is the new companion when their offices are closed.


The Davos Real Estate group has announced that they are about to launch the new mobile app which will work to satisfy the needs of their clients during their off office days. As a matter of fact, the new Davos CAP calculator is one the first applications developed by the company to help their clients make an informed decision regarding investment opportunities. The Davos Real Estate Group was developed to become the cornerstone of all investments made by the Latin American population in the United States. For this reason, they are working hard to live up to their destination. For the company, they also developed the application to have their clients have the capability to estimate their net profit they are expected to gain from investing in whatever they choose according to the application.


The company is one of the independent companies working under the Davos Financial Group umbrella in the United States. For more than two decades, the Davos Financial Group has served the Latin American people with alternative sources of finance and comprehensive corporate financial advice. For the company, they have worked to increase their business objectives over the past few years in their professional experience to eliminate poverty. The company has laid a close focus in business through the formulation of strategic investment opportunities which are designed to meet and exceed the basic expectations of their clients. For this reason, they have worked to achieve this through their combination of products within the most regulated framework through their high-quality service.


For more than six months, the company has worked to experience the biggest win in the industry. One of the principal executive members was working in close relation with Technolution company to ensure that they develop a high-end product for their esteemed clients. Therefore, the Davos CAP Calculator would become better in solution.

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All Things Girly With Doe Deere

Women everywhere love things let them tap into their girlish side. Even as women grow up, they often still strive to stay in touch with the side of them that loves ideas and products that are entirely feminine. One person who realizes just how much it can be to be feminine and frilly is makeup expert Doe Deere. Deere has made a business name for herself as the head of the makeup company known as Lime Crime. In doing so, she has been able to tap into the side of her that loves makeup and wants to be frilly and girly. As the head of the company, she has been directly part of this world for many years. Her ideas about what it means to be in touch with a woman’s girly side have been much admired by many people who share her enthusiasm for this subject and want to buy her products.


Loving Her Products


She loves the products she offers to her fans as she tells them in a new interview. Here, she talks about the kinds of things that motivate her in her life and allow her to understand the needs of her customers. Like them, she loves items that let women have all kinds of colors in their life that recall being young and fun. Her aim with her makeup products is to offer people something that is special. To that end, she provides her clients with special products in colors like lovely shades of pink and purple that allow her clients to have a look that is grownup and yet playful at the same time. She knows her clients look to her to come up with such looks. They know she can always dream up something that is about such wildly fun shades of color.


Her Vision


In creating a company, Deere has brought to life a vision that has been hers for many years and continues to motivate her today in many varied ways. She has looked deep inside of her own memories and brought them forward for today. This is her inspiration for many of her looks. Her looks are about the childhood she had and the colors that formed it. Even as a child, she knew that the world of art was hers. As a modern day makeup expert, she urges her fans to get in touch with the side of them that is all about happy childhood memories. She wants her fans to have colors that help recall all the wonderful girly times they had. This is why so many of her fans find her work so charming. They know she helps them bring out what is already inside of themselves.

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How Has Kevin Seawright Helped The Public With His Services?

The finest services offered to the disadvantaged come from those who are most interested in helping their communities. Kevin Seawright was brought up to help people find their way in life, and this article explains how he helps inner city families recover from woe. He believes in helping as much as possible, and he wants his clients to change their lives.

#1: How Has Kevin Helped His Communities?

According to CBS8, Kevin Seawright has a long record of public service that includes work in the Baltimore city schools, and he has worked in Newark where he helped with development. He wants to ensure those who are in the inner cities are given the opportunity to change their lives, and his work in Newark helped build communities. He wants to be of help where possible, and he wants everyone he meets to have something in their life change.

#2: How Is Kevin Helped Inner City Families In Baltimore?

He is back in Baltimore helping families build low-cost housing that will help them get back on their feet, and he is showing families how to manage their finances. He wants each family placed in a new home to feel as though they have a new lease on life, and he is giving them resources that make owning a home simpler.

#3: Kevin’s Background At Home

The Kevin Seawright family brought Kevin up to help people, and they often made trips to the inner city to help those who are less fortunate. He was taught from a young age to help those who cannot help themselves, and he knows the work that must go into helping a family recover. He has seen bad things happen, and he knows it is simple to help where he may.

Kevin Seawright has shown through a long career of public service that he will help anyone in need. He knows how to build low-cost housing, and he has managed finances for cities serving their populations. His career is proof that helping people works, and he showed the cities of Baltimore and Newark that there is a place for everyone who struggles with their finances.