George Soros Social Activist

George Soros, the Hungarian-born billionaire and philanthropist, has worked tirelessly for decades to promote social justice causes. He donated more than $27 million to prevent the election of George W. Bush in 2004 but had recently been staying out of the political spotlight. During the 2016 Presidential race; Politico stated that Soros planned to attend the Democratic Convention, his first ever. However, he changed his plans due to concerns over Europe’s critical economic situation. Although he’s a longtime advocate of Democratic policies, Soros has become more involved in political causes in recent years due to the faith he puts in political leaders such as Hillary Clinton. He’s expressed concerns over the opposition’s policy of playing on the fears of the public over terrorist organizations such as ISIS, and on the hostility over social causes that are important to him. Soros fortune is an estimated to be $24.9 billion, mainly due to currency trading. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

Soros was born in Hungary to an upper-class, Hungarian-Jewish family. As a Jewish child in Nazi-occupied Hungary, Soros wasn’t allowed to attend school. Soros and other Jewish children in Budapest had to report to the Jewish Council and asked to hand out notices to Jewish residents who were being deported. He took the notes to his father who told him that the people listed were Jewish lawyers. His father instructed him to go to each of the people on the list and tell them not to report, or they’d face deportation. His family survived the Siege of Budapest, and Soros father was responsible for saving the lives of many Hungarian Jews. Soros background made him aware of issues such as reforms to the criminal justice system, religious tolerance, and immigration reform, and he’s spent years supporting those causes. Visit to know more about George.

Forbes has stated that George Soros is the 19th wealthiest person in the world and became active in philanthropy during the 1970s. He provided funding for black students in South Africa to attend the University of Capetown when the country was under apartheid. For years George Soros has supported the democratization of former Soviet states by non-violent methods. He now works to encourage emerging nations to be open and free thinking. George Soros international foundations have donated more than $13 billion over 30 years to improve education, healthcare, and work on the democratic process in Eastern European countries. In his work with the Democracy Alliance, he has sought to build long-term strategies to combat causes such as improving economic conditions for workers, getting big money out of politics, and climate change.

The Expertise Of Madison Street Capital Leads To A Solid Gold Reputation

Madison Street Capital is an expert in financial advice. The Chicago firm works with businesses all over the world regarding credit, investments and difficult transactions. The Madison Street Capital reputation is well deserved after years of helping businesses.


Madison Street Capital worked with Vital Care Industries in Illinois in 2014. They secured the medical company a commercial loan allowing them the freedom for company growth. Only one year later Anthony Marsala was selected for a prestigious award for his leadership and accomplishments while with the company. He is now the CEO for the company and has acquired 14 years of experience.


In 2016 Madison Street Capital was honored as a finalist for several awards due to their expertise in financing, acquisitions and restructuring. They once again proved their impeccable reputation was valid. In 2017 they won the Turnaround Award for their restructuring transactions. They had to compete with three hundred firms before they were selected. The company was praised at a ceremony at the Palm Beach Hotel.


By 2017 Madison Street Capital’s tradition for giving advice regarding merger transactions resulted in DCG Software successfully merging with The Spitfire Group. They next served as the sole advisor for ARES Security. The transaction involved recapitalization and debt. This is a corporation responsible for the computer systems in government agencies and nuclear power plants. They trusted Madison Street Capital and the transaction was successfully completed.


Later in the same year Madison Street Capital provided advice for WLR Automotive Group. The Maryland company successfully completed a $13 million deal regarding a sale leaseback. The company has now been in business for twenty years. Madison Street Capital next worked with Maintenance Systems Management in the arrangement of financing.


Madison Street Capital is involved with philanthropic efforts as well. When severe weather caused damage to parts of the United States they came forward with a donation. They also give their support to the United Way and the American Red Cross. They encourage individuals who visit their website to help these organizations.


Madison Street Capital has earned their reputation and achieved success by hiring experienced and skilled professionals. The testimonials, awards, exceptional reviews and top rating with the Better Business Bureau speak for themselves.


Madison Street Capital has helped their clients in numerous industries. They go out of their way to treat their clients as unique and important. Their analysis is careful and their recommendations are precise. Madison Street Capital began operations in 2005 and is considered an investment firm for the middle market.


Orange Coast College Reinstates its Position as the Leader in Rowing with 12th National Title

Orange Coast College, one of the leading community colleges in California, retains its top position in rowing with 12th National Title. It is an inspirational story how the team continuously wins the titles in water, especially in sports items that are considered to be purely amateur.

Rowing is a sport that displays grace, power, and unity, and even the heart of the nine rowers beat together. Each participant of this sport in the college has something great to talk about it.

For Daniel Amado, the captain of the novice team, it is a sport that embodies fighting spirit as he recovered from a disc break in the back only because of his affection for this sport. He believes that rowing makes people strong enough to fight back from crunch situations.

The team follows a strict practice schedule, and it starts at 6:30 a.m. six days a week usually from August to May. The hard work of the team has paid well over the years. Since the national title established almost 60 years ago, the college team has won 11 times. Additionally, 10 of its students participated in Olympics and world championships.

Each year, the college team goes through rigorous training sessions, and almost 80 students register for the participation. Every week at least 20 hours spent on the training, interestingly, at the end of the season, only half of the people continue with the team. The intense training sessions make the team to win against major four-year university teams and claim the title.

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 in Orange County, California. The community college offers two-year associate degrees in arts and science subjects, and it receives approximately 25,000 enrolments in each semester. As of today, the college offers courses in 135 academic and career-oriented programs embedded with the latest technology.

It stands top on the list of community colleges with the number of student transfers to California State University and the University of California. The community college offers spring, summer, fall, and winter classes, and it is accredited by the WASC or Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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Doe Deere: Refusing to be boxed

Doe Deere: A person whose name represents a female animal who is known to be a free spirit, is definitely someone that would be interesting to get to know more about. Visually she is exactly what you would have envisioned someone with a name like she has to be. From her beautifully made up face and her audaciously colored hair, on down to her flamboyant personality, it is clear this woman has a lot to say and she is going to speak it loud and proud. The vehicle in which she chose to use to express her words unapologetically is her makeup line Lime Crime. Doe’s makeup line; which was based on her personal value and is cruelty free to animals, was launched in October of 2008 and it consists of valorous and lavishly bold makeup that was made for both girls and boys to enjoy. One has to wonder, how does a young woman who knows so much about beauty take care of her own skin. Her process will have you amazed and addicted once you hear what she does every day.


Ms. Deere wakes up every morning about 8:30 a.m.; a good night sleep she says is her number beauty secret. She mentions that the morning is where she he eats her breakfast and looks out of her kitchen window to prepare for her day. Before she consumes her first meal, Doe drinks a full glass of water to stay hydrated because the air is very dry in Los Angeles. Once she has awakened her body and is hydrated, she stretches properly. After she has completely the physical portion of her morning regimen, she eats one of her favorite meals; grits, yogurt and freshly squeezed orange juice. Now it’s time to get dolled up. Her face wash of choice? Glossier, because it smells great and it is mild. Doe’s favorite moisturizer is Murad‘s Hydrodynamic Quenching Essence. L’Oreal’s’ True Match foundation tops the list of treasured foundations; Mac’s Studio fix is also highly favored. Rustic Red Velvet and Pink Velvet are her most admired lipsticks and yes they are Part of the Lime Crime line up. For those lovely tresses; a curling wand, which gives her the wavy and shiny curls that she desires and is known for. After showering Ms. Deere is off to the office to begin her day.

Doe Deere’s vision is breaking ground for individuals who want to be free of society’s conforming chains and live the lives that they want to live. Keep doing what you are doing Doe Deere, making the world a brighter one color at a time.


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Cotemar, a Decorated Service Leader in the Energy Market

Cotemar refers to a Mexican corporation serving in the gas and oil market. The company was initiated in 1979 as a service industry and has since evolved into the most prominent offshore service company within the energy sector. Cotemar has its head offices in Campeche, Mexico. Besides, it is privately owned with approximately 10,000 expert personnel. The gas and oil firm specializes in offering services to offshore oil fields and PEMEX via secure transports.


Much history exists behind Cotemar which began its operation in 1979 offering two primary services. One of such services was catering, and accommodation and the other included the provision of specialized transport vessels. In 1981, the corporation became the industry leader after it expanded its fleet to transport more recruits and materials. In 1985, Cotemar acquired its first rig to serving as an accommodation platform. It expanded its operation in 1988 by including three vessels and five platforms that helped the company to offer extra services. In 2012, Cotemar included specialized vessels like cranes that offered them a new opportunity to transport both solid and liquid materials. As a result, Cotemar partnered with COSCO in the development of two semi-submersible rigs. Additionally, it launched the construction on Atlantis by 2013, and in 2015 it expanded into the onshore upstream market. Moreover, one of the corporation’s divisions won a contract with the Moloacan Tender in Veracruz in in 2016. Currently, the company is undertaking more business ventures and is considered a top service provider in the energy sector.


The company is founded on three fundamental values including customer satisfaction, integrity and dependability to ensure all its clients are pleased with their services.


Since its founding, Cotemar offers many services. First, it prides of providing accommodation and food services that include laundry services, recreational services, bedding, and general cleaning as well as meals to over 4,000 individuals on board. Secondly, it offers specialized and Maritime Support Equipment by providing offshore maintenance, transportation of many types of big materials required for upstream and processing and conveyance of oils and liquids from oil fields. Lastly, it also does construction, renovation, repairs, and engineering services that ensure the safety of goods in transit.


Since Cotemar has been operational for over 38 years, it has acquired the relevant experience required in offering top-quality service within the energy market. This is one of the reasons to choose this company to cater for your business needs.


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Leading Innovative Inmate Communications Company is Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leading for-profit communications prison technology company that is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company has a reputation in providing secure and reliable communications between inmates and their family members. The company was founded in 1986, and has been producing high quality solutions for many years. The company has regional offices in Texas and Georgia with over 1,000 people employed. The company is proud to service over 2,200 correctional facilities throughout the United States and Canada with the responsibility of over one million inmates. They currently hold over 2,500 contracts with correctional facilities in North America. More than $600 million dollars have been invested by Securus Technologies involving patents, technology and other business transactions.


There has been an overwhelming amount of positive correspondence reported to the Securus offices from the facility customers stating the positive effects and security measures that have progressed throughout the years. Securus Technologies have been an excellent reinforcement in correctional facilities when it comes to providing secure monitoring and assisting in investigations. Many formal letters and email communications have flooded their platform, stating that they are very pleased with the service provided. It has helped keep the community and society safe by providing information that was needed in order to solve a case and has provided much needed evidence.


Securus Technologies is always working towards the newest and best technology. They are dedicated and committed to providing customers with the top technological advancements with enabled security measures. Their executives are committed to providing the best possible services to correction facilities throughout the region along with providing a wide selection of communication services catered towards inmates, allowing them to stay in contact with their family members. They will continue to provide excellent and substantial services for many years with advanced technology and innovative solutions.

An Early History of Hussain Sajwani

The Hussain Sajwani Family is now considered a celebrity family as far as the Middle East is concerned. Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, is the CEO and the Executive Chairman at DAMAC Properties.

The history of the family dates back to when the company first began, having been recognized at that time for providing food service to the American soldiers in 1992, when they were present during the first Gulf War. The company was started and still resides in Dubai, where Sajwani and his family still live today.

Early in life, Hussain Sajwani was born to what was considered to be a conservative and middle class family. Striving to gain an education in America, Sajwani earned a degree in economics from the University of Washington. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

His desire to become educated sent him on a journey to gain education that would help him follow his passion to become a white collar professional. Having tried his hand at medical school in Baghdad, he did not complete the course and went back to pursuing a more business oriented career.

Sajwani was no stranger to business growing up, watching his father as the entrepreneur in the family providing for them to meet their needs. His father’s watch and pen store was his foundation for learning what it meant to be in the world of business, and the honorable profession of selling something that people are in need of.

His mother was also no stranger to entrepreneurship, buying fabrics on the wholesale market to create something of her own in order to earn a profit as well.

Hussein Sajwani was no doubt inspire by both of his parents to work hard, and to use his gifts and talents to build a business. Working in the shop with his father gave him tremendous insight into how businesses should be run, and what is necessary to build a business that can also create jobs for others. His father wished for him to join the family business, but Sajwani had other plans.

The Know it all who Knows it All

It is said that great minds think alike. And, in the case of Warren Buffett, Timothy Armour and the best ways for investors to see gainful returns on their investments, the truism surely applies to finances. Quite recently, Buffett puts his money where his mouth is, and industry captains are backing his play by expounding on his strategies. The detail of this scenario is a bet made by Warren that he can out invest leading hedge fund managers by simply investing wisely in the S&P 500. Think Iron Chef with a monetary twist.

According to Armour, Buffets strategy, which consists of buying low and holding on to stocks for the absolute longest terms possible, is the best way to get to Paid-Ville. They both agree that the market is overrun with funds that simple brag more than they deliver when it comes to any real growing of wealth.The bottom line is that investing proves to be work, and it requires dedication plus a good amount of skill. It also requires looking at a company or stock to invest in from the bottom up. That means not following someone else’s store-bought opinion on what makes a company look good and finding out for yourself why it is worth investing in.

This boils down to active investing and saying no to passive index investing. This old method of tracking trends within a market does not work as well as it once did, simply due to the winds of change over technology, international markets and the culture of gaining profits in general. It just does not stand up to the volatility and faster pace of today’s market.See now, Timothy Armour knows exactly what Buffett is talking about when it comes to making the safe smart bet all the way and all day. That is what he does as chairman and Principal Executive Officer of Capital Group Companies. He is also chairman of the Capital Group Management Committee. Presently, he is an equity portfolio manager, but he has more than enough experience as an equity investment manager to know what works and what does not when it comes to making investments. The long game is his strategy, as he has only one name on his resume, post-graduation from Middlebury College.

Lime Crime and Doe Deere Redefining Modern Makeup

Creating a beauty empire is certainly not for the faint of heart, and Doe Deere has proven that fearlessness usually pays off. Today, Lime Crime makeup is a famous brand that is mostly sold online and has become a social media darling. Lime Crime’s Instagram has just gone over 3 million fan followers.


Doe Deere had humble beginnings with Lime Crime, the independent beauty company she launched in 2008. The respected entrepreneur sat down with GuestOfAGuest to talk shop and how she arrived on the journey she keeps walking along.


Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York City in her late teens, taking her immense curiosity and artistic creativity with her. She planned on a music career, and that’s exactly what Doe Deere achieved at one point. She met her husband in a band she joined and had a blast learning the industry.


Doe Deere then moved onto the fashion and beauty arenas, noting that clothing, hair and makeup were the ultimate style trio that always go together and create a look. In 2008, she fearlessly launched her Lime Crime makeup brand, unsure what the reaction would be. Let’s be frank; her cosmetics were wild, crazy colored and turning heads. Lime Crime had evolved as the anti-proper makeup alternative, and there were tons of people who appreciated the brand’s uniqueness, modern approach and don’t give a hoot attitude.


Lime Crime makeup is sold on e-commerce and has survived the challenges of online business longevity. In fact, the brand grows hotter by the moment because Doe Deere understands pop culture, social and beauty trends and how to harmonize these features.


Lime Crime is an empowering cosmetics brand, allowing women and the men who wear it to stand boldly, put the radical colors on and enjoy their freedom. In other words, the giant makeup companies can no longer call the shots and define what is proper and pretty. In a Lime Crime world, the fantasy and shades are all yours, and if you decide to wear cement-colored lipstick, then show it off.


Doe Deere continues to offer her makeup-obsessed shoppers lots of glitter, colors beyond the rainbow, iridescence, luminosity and Gothic beauty. Celebrities have since discovered the sexy brand and have worn Lime Crime in magazine lay-outs, covers and on the famous red carpet.


Lime Crime enjoys breaking the beauty rules. Try some, and see.


Brad Reifler-Creating Success

Brad Reifler has successfully founded Forefront Capital, LLC. and has many years experience as an entrepreneur and investor. He has worked with countless companies in the United States and he also founded Reifler Trading Company in the early 1980s.

His firm managed large amounts of money in discretionary accounts and it became one of the largest independent futures operations. Brad Reifler sold the Reifler Trading Company in 2000 to Refco Inc., which is the largest futures company in the world.

According to Bloomberg, before selling the company Brad Reifler was established as a professional financial services provider. He founded Pali Capital in 1995 and created a strategy to capture hedge funds. As CEO of Pali, there was an impressive growth in the company.

It had an excess of $1 billion in commission income, had offices in five different continents, including the United States, Latin America, United States, Singapore, and Austria and employed over 300 people. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

At the present time, Brad Reifler is focused on Forefront Capital, LLC and is the CEO and founder of the successful company.

Reifler is attracting investment advisors, business leaders, and top investment bankers to the firm. Since he bagan the group in 2009, Reifler has worked hard to create a unique product offering for his clients.