Advice to Investors about Finding Reliable Managers

Long term managers should be able to identify value in multiple places and therefore help clients succeed in the long run. Amour says that smart managers will research companies and determine or estimate those companies’ prospects in the near or distant future. An example is the need in healthcare of baby boomers which appears to be intersecting with innovative therapies. An active approach to this opportunity will involve doing financial analysis to determine the risk-reward situation before investing or advising clients to do the same.

Part of the job of a good manager is being better than the market: especially when the market is suffering. The manager should be able to guard against downturn in the market. It is difficult to find funds that are going to deliver this is owing to the fact that there are multiple funds in the market that are managed actively, yet perform poorly.

Research, conducted by Capital Group, has shown active funds that have low expenses and a good amount of the manager’s money invested in them, beat the benchmark in most cases. Tim says that the industry has many active managers who have repeatedly beaten their benchmarks in the long run.

He encourages investors to apply themselves in trying to identify financial managers of good record.

Tim insists that no one hires average people. According to Tim Amour, there are several active managers in the industry who can help investors achieve more than just average. He likens hiring average mangers to hiring average doctors or average lawyers. Investors, he says, should look for a manager who earns his keep.


Timothy Armour is the CEO of Capital Group. He is also the executive officer and chairperson of Capital Research & Management Company. Tim also serves as chairman of Capital Group’s management committee.

Tim Amour’s 33 year experience has been earned at Capital Group. He started working for Capital Group as part of the associates program and rose to be its chief executive. Tim Armour has an economics degree from Middlebury College, as well as an MBA from Colombia University.


Tim is affiliated to the following institutions and organizations: AMCAP Fund, SMALLCAP, World Fund, Inc. Scotia Global Opportunities Fund, Capital International Funds-Global Discovery Fund, Capital Income Builder, American Fund Target Date Retirement Series- American Fund 2010 Target Date Retirement Fund and The New Economy Fund.

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Lawyer Geoffrey Cone Gives His Opinions About The Foreign Trusts In New Zealand

The Media has recently Exposed New Zealand as a Tax Haven

Most people perceive New Zealand as an exotic land involving complex financial deals and with rich people. Current media exposure has portrayed New Zealand as a place with mysterious business transactions. The truth positions New Zealand as a normal tax country. Most people have considered New Zealand as a tax haven. Lawyer Cone points out that the country has full tax transparency. He says that the state does not hide any information exchange with other world administrations. He adds that the state does not impose nominal taxes. Lawyer Cone says that the country does not have any secretive private banking industry. He further suggests the list of tax haven countries.


New Zealand has embraced tax transparency Models

Geoffrey Cone says that New Zealand was the first country to adopt the OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Tax Information.  He says that New Zealand was among the first countries to have implemented this substantial approved international tax standard. One of the methods in which New Zealand has confirmed tax transparency is through its exceptional handling of foreign trusts. New Zealand makes sure that all foreign trusts businesses comply with all the trustee requirements and they avail the relevant information requested by the government.


The New Zealand Government has put in place stringent measures to curtail tax evasion

The government will request a resident trustee to present an IR607 form (Foreign Trust Disclosure form) before any foreign trustee is established under the current New Zealand regime. The government will also maintain the foreign company’s financial records for tax purposes. The government will also request for recipients address, name, distributions and settlements details, trust deed, and the trustee expenditure. The foreign company must also avail liabilities and assets as well as account and accounting system information. Every record of this information is recorded in English and maintained in New Zealand. Serious penalties are imposed if the instructions are not followed. This authority is further enhanced through the 2011 standard world money laundering legislation policy.


New Zealand has also established numerous tax agreements that are planned to reduce tax barriers to cross-border investments and trade. These tariff harmonies are meant to prevent tax evasion and avoidance. New Zealand has numerous tax detail exchange agreements with many countries across the globe. These agreements are partial double tax agreements structures concerned with helping tax evasion and avoidance. New Zealand signed the bilateral Agreement for Tax Mutual Administrative Assistance.

The Manse on Marsh Community Lifestyle Benefits

The Manse on Marsh is a vibrant community offering seniors in San Luis Obispo independency in a safe and warm environment. Select from various lifestyle choices, including independent living, assisted living, or hospice care based on your loved-one’s needs. Independent lifestyle at the licensed facility and community comes with rewarding benefits while residing in one of the homes or apartments.  It’s a place with all the amenities and services of a luxury resort hotel, but better because of the social activities and well-being programs.

The benefits of living in the San Luis Obispo community are improvement in nutrition, physical health, social well-being, and emotional health. The Manse dining restaurant offers three health meals daily, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fresh fruits, meats, vegetables, and baked goods are served 24 hours daily at the restaurant-style diner or The Bristol. Residents have the option of dining in a modern design establishment or receive personal room service.

Live independently and stay active in the community participating in the wellness fitness and recreational activities programs. Stay fit taking walks, jogging, exercising, and practicing yoga with loving and kind neighbors in the San Luis Obispo community. Participate in planned activities, such as dances, parties, and celebrations held at the facility year round.

The Manse on Marsh serves San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Arroyo Grande, and nearby communities providing options for senior lifestyle living arrangements. Live in an economical studio or one-bedroom, or a spacious two-bedroom or three-bedroom home. Receive weekly services for hair, nails, laundry, housekeeping, and fresh linen while living at the Manse. Living independently on the property gives seniors a sense of normalcy amongst other independent neighbors. Take a tour of the San Luis Obispo community and visit during the holidays to witness one of most vibrant communities in the area.