Saygus Smartphone satisfied NewsWatch TV Reviews

NewsWatch TV is a 30 minute TV show covering a wide range of topics like apps and new product reviews, public announcement, and celebrity interviews and more. News watch is aired on AMC and ION Network. They started in 1989 with a focus on finacial issues and have since had over 1,000 episodes. They have also expanded their focus to include a wide range of news worthy topics.


Newswatch is owned and operated by Bridge Communications which is a video production and Communications company. NewsWatch is based in Washington, DC. They have offices located in Fairfax VA, New York City, and Denver CO. They have Several rewards including the recent Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award.


Vegas an American smartphone manufacturer known as Saygus hired NewsWatch TV Reviews to promote a new line of smartphones for them. The smartphone manufacturer used NewsWatch TV for a promotion at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They also used news watch TV to promote a marketing campaign known as the Saygus Indiegogo Campaign. As a result Saygus exceeded their goal for the campaign by over $300,000. They ultimatly raised over 1.3 million dollars for the campain.


Tim rush, vice president of Saygus was very happy with the quality of the video and in his comments he states “I would highly recommend news watch. It’s an extremely professional competent organization that listens to our needs, listens to our audience, and knows where those two connect, and connects us between what they want to say, to what our audience wants to hear, to drive sales.”


Academy of Art University Takes Students to Fashion Week

Getting into the fashion industry is a very popular dream for many people. For those that are looking to get into the industry, getting the right education is very important. One school that can provide an amazing experience and educational background is the Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University is an art and fashion school that is located in San Francisco. The school currently has an enrollment of over 12,600 students and nearly 300 teachers and 1,200 faculty. It is currently one of the largest art and fashion schools in the United States. The Academy of Art University offers a wide range of different degree paths and also provides students with the ability to participate in many different real life activities that impact the fashion industry.

One of the areas in which students at Academy of Art University can participate is at fashion week in New York City. Fashion week in New York City is widely considered to be one of the top fashion events of the year. Those that go to the Academy of Art University and attend the event will receive a significant amount of experience along with the event.

For students from the Academy of Art University, going to Fashion Week is an ultimate dream. Those that attend will get to meet with designers, models, and many other people that work in the industry. Those that go to the event will get to spend time asking a lot of questions to get more insight into opportunities in the market and where the industry is going. This can be great insight that could also help to build great connections that could help anyone to get their first job after finishing their education at the Academy of Art University. This can be the first step in building a great career.

Ronald Fowlkes Military and Non-military Work Experience

Due to his vast experience and knowledge, Ronald Fowlkes is today a renowned revolutionary in the law enforcement and commercial products arena. According to Crunchbase, Fowkles is the current Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries Ltd, where he specializes in business products and Law enforcement. The company is a leading supplier of multi-application ammunition for military, sporting and law enforcement. The Anoka, Minnesota based firm operates a division in Fenton, Missouri and employs over 4,000 people in its 16 locations spread across the US. Fowlkes core responsibilities as Business Development Manager includes training strong sale workforce consisting of 150 people, performing product selection and overseeing customer relations.


Prior to joining Eagle Industries, Fowlkes served the US military in various capacities, including tactical training at the Navy Marine Corps and working as a contractor for the Department of Defense. In case of the latter, Fowlkes served with the revered Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization or JIEDDO in Iraq. The combat operations carried out by Fowlkes at the time included mounting and dismounting infantry operations and instructing the military on combat tactics and secretive operations. He also instructed the US military personnel on evidence collection, CQB and hostage rescue, tactical questioning of captured persons and performing post blast analysis.


While serving in the US Marine Corps for 5 years from 1989 to 1993, Fowlkes was promoted in two occasions. On the overall, Fowlkes boasts law enforcement experience spanning 13 years; 10 of these were with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and 3 years with the St. Louis County Police Department. He also served the HRT Team at the St. Louis Metropolitans for 7 years. Fowlkes became the team leader in 2003. His responsibilities read as follows; dealing with High Risk Entries, hostage incidents and barricaded subjects. The non combat ops, Fowlkes and his team carried out when the unit wasn’t deployed included undertaking self initiated investigations into the trafficking of hard drugs, illegal gangs and illegal gun possessions across the cities and suburbs.


The unit is also trained to act on civil disobedience and WMD operations. The Gulf War veteran attended the Marine Corps School of Infantry to undertake Marine Combat training, Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company basic course and Basic Engineering course. The highly decorated officer earned his prestigious advance Navy Marine Corps Parachute Insignia at the Army Parachute School. During his time at 1st ANGLICO, he carried out the risky air, reconnaissance and naval gunfire parachute missions using non-encrypted and encrypted radio as well as laser designator. Outside the world of military, a brief about Ronald Fowlkes on About.Me reveals his love for coaching at his son’s hockey team. Fowlkes also enjoys traveling and mentoring youths.


Jake Gottlieb and the Power of Cultivating People.

Jacob Gottlieb, founder of Visium Asset Management, attributes a good portion his success with both the firm and it’s leading product, the Visium Balanced Fund, to the skill and genius of his talented staff.

The Visium Balanced Fund, a long-short equity health care fund, with 2.4 billion dollars in assets has maintained impressive record. Currently, the fun has operated at an annualized return of 15.6 percent since its inception in 2005. An impressive feat indicative of in depth research and thorough planning. The success of the fund making it a strong investment within the healthcare equity markets.

Jacob Gottlieb fosters a corporate culture of quality and integrity within his firm, traits he diligently cultivates within his own philosophy. As intelligent risk taker, Jacob Gottlieb mitigates exposure with careful planning and pragmatic mindset. He is disciplined enough to do things the correct way and his personal discipline and integrity toward his work provides a guide for his talented financial team.

Under his guidance, the Visium Asset Management team looks to develop new product lines and investment services.These additional projects will be painstakingly researched and planned and are expected to provide the same level of returns that investors have come to expect from the Visium Balanced Fund.

It is ambitious goal, but it is one that Mr. Gottlieb is sure he and his team will achieve.

The financial team at Visium Asset Management are not the only group Jacob Gottlieb cultivates. He feels a great concern toward the growing number of homeless youth and has taken steps to provide aid to this often overlooked need.

Actively contributing to the Covenant House gives Jacob Gottlieb the opportunity to foster homeless youth through housing, care and advocacy programs. The Covenant House is one of best resources for youth in need and has been instrumental to the success of many young adults. In addition, services such as the Covenant House are on the frontline in the prevention of human trafficking as a source of refuge and protection for victims.

By cultivating people and directing through discipline and integrity, Jacob Gottlieb will continue to provide value to investors through the products of Visium Asset Management and the community at large through his support of the Covenant House.