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Trending News From SeaWorld – Be in the Know

With COVID-19 vaccines on the rise and case numbers going down many are eagerly looking forward to vacation plans that had previously been cancelled or postponed. SeaWorld is a popular and enjoyable destination that the whole family can enjoy. Let’s take a look at recent events and the latest news from SeaWorld so you can plan your own fun-filled summer vacation!

In light of the recent recommendations from the CDC face coverings are no longer required at SeaWorld Orlando or SeaWorld SanAntonio, outdoors or indoors, for guests who are fully vaccinated. Now you can breath easy and fully enjoy the sunny weather as you visit the many attractions SeaWorld has to offer! Proof of vaccination will not be required.

Starting on May 28, 2021 SeaWorld’s popular Electric Ocean is returning! This fan-favorite event will be adding two new attractions as well as four new dining choices. Last but not least it there will be an awesome fireworks display that will spark joy in the hearts of young and old as it illuminates the evening sky.

SeaWorld Orlando is welcoming a new beluga whale named Nunavik who is being transferred from a Georgia aquarium. You can see Nunavik along with the 2 other beluga whales that were already in residence at the Wild Arctic area of the park.

This month SeaWorld was happy to be able to release Chessie the manatee back into the wild. Chessie had been found floating abnormally with pneumonia in his right lung. He was sent to SeaWorld for rehabilitation. SeaWorld treated his lung with nebulizer antibiotics and now the healthy manatee is back in his natural environment.

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