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Robert Bull Ushers UKs Professionals into Retirement via RoyaleLife’s Home Part Exchange

Due to the challenging economic tides and uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, retirement plans have become an absolute necessity though a daunting task for many. Professionals hope to transition into retirement with financial capabilities to secure their lives and their families.

Ideally, Financial freedom is vital as people shift into the prime age. RoyaleLife under the Chief Executive Officer Robert Bull has launched an innovative solution that ensures comfort and freedom in retirement.

Under the Home Part Exchange program, the company acquires properties from retirees under the current market value provided they are willing to purchase fully equipped Bungalows from the company. Homeowners, therefore, retains the remaining amount to cater to their investment and essential needs. So, for example, a £500,000 property exchanged for a £350,000 bungalow retains £150,000. In addition, the bungalows are fully furnished, fitted with modern utilities, single-floor with a minimal maintenance cost, and in a gated community, making it ideal for the retirees.

Robert Bull asserts that the benefits of downsizing outweigh opting for equity. Besides ensuring the sustainability of the current living standards, downsizing guarantees surplus income. With its headquarters based in Whiteley, Hampshire, Robert Bull has facilitated the establishment of numerous gated communities across the UK landscape with a strategic market aiming for professionals over the age of 45 and those considering early retirement and willing to secure their future.

Under the futuristic thinker Bull, RoyaleLife has built a formidable brand that has elicited recognition in the UK real estate industry. Robert Bull asserts that the company has strived to guarantee certainty in the prevailing global crisis. The company’s business model seeks to avail hustle-free services to its clients.

RoyaleLife CEO emphasizes that retirees have access to their personalized back yard, a conducive and luxurious environment, guaranteed security, and a friendly neighborhood. Besides facilitating a seamless transition, the company has ensured that homeowners can enjoy life after.