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How Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Boosted the Rise of Hawkers

Any individual with love for affordable designer eyewear has undoubtedly heard about Hawkers. The eyewear company has made a name in the global market and can now compete at the same level with renowned designer eyewear companies. The company has had its fair share of success and challenges.

Starting in the eyewear business was not hard as the company experienced almost instant success. Its eyewear went viral in Spain, and soon enough, it had gained a massive following. As a result, Hawkers experienced significant demand for its eyewear.

Even though the company was making great sales, the cost of production was taking all the money; during this time, Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez came in to save this brand that had already created a loyal market for its products.

Thanks to its current president Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, the company, which was on the verge of closing down, is now a global powerhouse on eyewear matters. Betancourt’s first thing in the company was to invest 50 million Euros; he made this investment in partnership with other angel investors.

When he joined the company, his first focus was to invest in taking over the Spain Market. After he achieved this, Alejandro Betancourt decided to take the brand internationally and soon enough, the company had its presence in Asia, Europe, North America etc. Go Here for related Information.

Betancourt all along has ensured that the company has enough finances to achieve its business goal. Therefore, he decided to add another 20 million Euros to his initial investment. Currently, he holds 50% interest in the company, making him a majority shareholder. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s mentality is the never give up mentality; this is a mentality that he advises those who work with him to embrace as well. Even during challenging times, Alejandro Betancourt believes in pushing forward and focusing on the set goals.