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An Insight into Alejandro Betancourt’s Impressive Marketing Strategies

Hawkers is a product of four committed university friends David Moreno, Alex, Pablo Sanchez, and Iñaki Soriano. Initiated in 2013, the company has worked its way up to develop unique sunglasses that are more affordable to everyone. After three years in business, the company laid a solid foundation in business, carving a name as one of the leading sunglasses companies worldwide.

Its initial hurdles and financial hardship saw Alejandro Betancourt step up to leverage the company needed to move forward. The entrepreneur came in at the right time to provide resources to scale the venture efficiently. Of course, the fashion company flaunts garnering various sponsorships that saw it significantly grow to international prominence.

Hawkers carved a significant reputation by focusing on one product and bringing the highest quality. Today, the company focuses on bringing forth eco-friendly designs, lens varieties, and new coloring sunglasses. It recently expanded its high-end product line with several new contact lenses.

In 2016, Alejandro Betancourt and several investors invested about 5t0 million Euros in the fashion eyewear company. The investment saw the business significantly thrive as the entrepreneur leveraged his prowess to expand the company’s reach in Asia, Europe, and North America.

In 2018, the businessman invested another 20 million Euros to garner a significant controlling interest of 50% within the company. The same year, the eyewear company made headlines as one of the prominent startups in Spain.

In addition to featuring nearly 200 employees, the company has sold above 4 million sunglasses globally. It has proactively carved a name for itself in 50 countries and generates nearly $100 million in revenue yearly. Alejandro Betancourt has played a crucial role in the company’s marketing and advertising efforts. The fashion eyewear company uses brand ambassadors to market its products worldwide. And yes, Alejandro Betancourt marketing strategies have inspired a huge success for the eyewear company. Refer to this article to learn more