Banking on Securus Technologies to Control Prison Violence

Each year I suit up to show up at the local prison for my job as a corrections officer, I see things getting a little more violent. With a stronger gang presence, overcrowded conditions, and drugs inside the jail, it has become a dangerous mix is putting me and my fellow officers directly in harm’s way. These younger gang members that are behind bars are like soldiers, doing anything asked of them by higher-ranking gang leaders, including selling drugs and attacking officers.


Part of the issue we have inside the jail is we don’t know when we cross that invisible line an offend a gang member. They take the beef to their leader, and the leader orders a hit on an officer to make an example. Inmates using drugs only make this situation even more dangerous. To combat the problem, we have increased cell inspections and put a bigger presence in the visitor center to try and stop easy access to any contraband. The harder we try however, the less ground we seem to be making up. That was all about to change the day we were contacted by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has been installing a unique software-driven call monitoring system in jails for years. With thousands of system up and running and making other officers safer on the job, it was out turn to see this telephone call monitoring system in action. No longer would we have to manually listen to those calls the inmates make, now the LBS software was going to handle the workload for us.


Weeks after installation, the LBS software was already tightening up the ship. We get alerts if inmates talk about drug use, making weapons, fighting, gang issues, or when they plead with family to sneak things like prescription drugs into the visitor center.


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  1. Kayleigh Deangelo says:

    One would not be surprise owing to the fact that these inmates were arrested for crimes, some most dangerous like assassinations among others. I have felt a bit worried when review wrote how harmless inmates are being forced to commit one crime or the other in the prison. However, I believe with the have of Securus Technologies, the prison would continue to record low violence in the prison.