Up-Close With George Soros and His Vast Interests Across Politics and Investment Sectors

George Soros is widely considered to be one of the most philanthropic entrepreneurs in the world. Having handed out over $ 12 billion over his career is a testament to his immense charitable donations to numerous individuals and institutions advocating for transparency, freedom of expression, equality and justice. As a self-made entrepreneur, Soros knows a thing or two about oppression having fled his native Hungary during the Nazi revolution. Aside from the conventional recipients of his vast wealth, Soros has also supported marginalized groups from sex workers, the LGBT community and drug users.

Personal Background

Unknown by most people, Soros’ early life revolved around torment back in Hungary as his Jewish family navigated the turbulent Nazi regime. Having survived a warzone that ultimately led to the deaths of over 500,000 Jews, Soros’ family pulled one last trick by forging identity papers to seek peaceful grounds in London. Having settled down, Soros worked part time as a night-club waiter and railway porter to finance his education at the London School of Economics. 1956 marked the year Soros moved to the U.S and launched his investment firm known as Soros Fund Management, which essentially built his current status. Read more on NYTimes.com

Charitable Activities

Having amassed adequate wealth, Soros deemed it fit to set up the Open Society Foundations- a comprehensive network of partners, projects and foundations in over a 100 nations. In essence, the Foundation aims at empowering disadvantaged persons while also fostering collaborative efforts on making the world a better place to live in. With the collapse of the Cold War, Soros deemed it necessary to expand his philanthropic contributions across Asia, Africa and the U.S to realize democratic, accountable and transparent societies. On issues relating to the drug menace, Soros is of the opinion that radical reforms need to be implemented to counter the current ineffective strategies. Additionally, he has also been vocal when advocating for same-sex marriage especially when the State had failed to implement such policies. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com

Despite his elderly age, Soros has gone above and beyond to foot tuition fees of thousands of students from financially disadvantaged families. Such a brilliant move has coincided with the unconditional legal support he has offered to thousands of illegally detained individuals across Europe and the U.S. Aged 86, Soros spends his free time traveling the world taking an active interest in positive policy changes as well as fighting intricate problems plaguing the world.

George Soros credits his success in the investment industry as the source of his financial independence, which undeniably works in the best interests of people in need. His active contribution in politics is widely documented, having sponsored several candidates in various political seats. For more information about Soros, visit: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros