The Admirable Traits of Julia Jackson

There are a ton of admirable traits that the proprietor of Jackson Family Vines, Julia Jackson has which makes her a worthwhile addition to the family business. She is someone that people can look up to, especially women. She is one of the reasons that the wine company is going strong. While people do get to enjoy all of the great wines that are available from the Jackson Family Wines company and all of its brands, there are key aspects that make any type of company. This key aspect is the people that are behind the brand and the great products.

One admirable thing about Julia Jackson is her work ethic. She is someone who is very hard at work with her company. This is something that has been taught to her from her family. There have been times when she and her brothers were encouraged to gather and sort grapes while it was more than 100 degrees outside. One thing that this has done was bring forth an appreciation for hard work. This is one of the best things to do for people in that it helps them develop a good work ethic that sets them apart in this increasingly entitled society.

As of right now, Julia Jackson is one of the international team of marketers that are helping to introduce the wines of Jackson Family Wines to a new generation. They get to know the great taste that can only come from Jackson Family Wines. Another reason that she is a good addition to Jackson Family Wines is that she has always been interested in wine. Given that she is doing the very thing she wants, she can truly add to the success of the company in many different ways. She can also bring forth a good image for Jackson Family Wines.

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Doe Deere: Refusing to be boxed

Doe Deere: A person whose name represents a female animal who is known to be a free spirit, is definitely someone that would be interesting to get to know more about. Visually she is exactly what you would have envisioned someone with a name like she has to be. From her beautifully made up face and her audaciously colored hair, on down to her flamboyant personality, it is clear this woman has a lot to say and she is going to speak it loud and proud. The vehicle in which she chose to use to express her words unapologetically is her makeup line Lime Crime. Doe’s makeup line; which was based on her personal value and is cruelty free to animals, was launched in October of 2008 and it consists of valorous and lavishly bold makeup that was made for both girls and boys to enjoy.

Ms. Deere wakes up every morning about 8:30 a.m.; a good night sleep she says is her number beauty secret. She mentions that the morning is where she he eats her breakfast and looks out of her kitchen window to prepare for her day. Before she consumes her first meal, Doe drinks a full glass of water to stay hydrated because the air is very dry in Los Angeles. Once she has awakened her body and is hydrated, she stretches properly. After she has completely the physical portion of her morning regimen, she eats one of her favorite meals; grits, yogurt and freshly squeezed orange juice. Now it’s time to get dolled up. Her face wash of choice? Glossier, because it smells great and it is mild. Doe’s favorite moisturizer is Murad‘s Hydrodynamic Quenching Essence. L’Oreal’s’ True Match foundation tops the list of treasured foundations; Mac’s Studio fix is also highly favored. Rustic Red Velvet and Pink Velvet are her most admired lipsticks and yes they are Part of the Lime Crime line up. For those lovely tresses; a curling wand, which gives her the wavy and shiny curls that she desires and is known for. After showering Ms. Deere is off to the office to begin her day.

Doe Deere’s vision is breaking ground for individuals who want to be free of society’s conforming chains and live the lives that they want to live. Keep doing what you are doing Doe Deere, making the world a brighter one color at a time.


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Getting to know Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is currently the chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC, one of the most notable advisory firms in San Fransisco. She is credited for enforcing compliance in the corporate world. I believe that due to her extensive knowledge in the financial world, her input has been unrivaled in the industry. This was seen in the economic crash in 2008 when people started to hold their finances in their hands. When this phase was over, Hall as a company come in handy by rescuing the public by enforcing accountability and regulatory compliance.
I like Morrison’s assertiveness and focus on the finer details. Her hard work, despite being a lady in the compliance field has made a great impression in the industry. Before they make any investments for a client, Morrison ensures that the process and the entity are solid and ethical. Before any brokerage firm, mutual funds advisor or financial advisor deals with a client, Hall ensures that they go through a thorough investigation in order to ascertain their credibility. This has helped improve the image of the sector through transparency. In case of any anomaly that would be detected in the course of this process, appropriate legal action would be taken against the firm involved.
Helane Morrison has had a successful career over the years. She was the head of ‘SEC’ before he finally joined Hall Capital in 2007. While working at SEC, her main duties were to enforce securities, regulatory compliance and litigation matters in Northern California. She represented SEC in matters related to the legal field, government agencies, business relations and financial communities.
During her time at SEC, she also dealt with issues related to fraud from top executives in top companies like Hewlett-Packard, Google, HBO and NextCard. This is the type of personality that one would need to have if they are to win the trust of the people. I like the fact that she was not afraid to act and would discharge her duties without fear or favor.
Apart from her post at her current company, she is also a part time speaker on compliance and legal issues that may arise from investment advisories. Morrison’s determination has seen her scale the heights of her career with ease. She is ambitious and believes in making every process just and credible.