Cigarettes Under Fire: Brazilian Attorney Bruno Fagali Breaks Down Anti-Tobacco Legislature In The U.S And Brazil

In a blog entry studded with retro 50’s cigarette advertisements for toasted lucky strikes, online attorney Bruno Fagali underscores some of the differences between anti-tobacco sentiments in legislature occurring in the United States and Brazil. In Brazil, the legislature is targeting one specific attribute of cigarettes: Flavor additives.

Bruno Fagali notes that the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, Anvisa, is involved in an review of the constitutionality of the prohibition of the addition of flavor additives to cigarettes sold in Brazil. The blog goes on to detail the arguments of those defending and attacking the law passed in 2012 which made Brazil the first company in the world to prohibit the addition of flavor additives to cigarettes and pays special attention to the possibility that the law may have increased the popularity of cigarette smuggling in Brazil.

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While Brazilians contend with flavor additives, Bruno Fagali’s blog goes on to take a legal glance at the enormous anti-smoking advertising campaign impending release in the United States. The advertising campaign, which is the largest of its kind ever released, brings tobacco consumption into its cross-hairs by attacking five particulars of tobacco consumption: Adverse health effects caused by smoking, nicotine addiction, lack of significant health benefits of types of cigarettes implied to be less harmful, nicotine distribution nuances, and effects of second-hand smoke.

As the blog entry begins to wrap up, Bruno Fagali exhibits some of his specialties in ethics and regulatory law as he expands on the publication of this advertising campaign and the judicial processes by which it will be vetted and approved.

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