Cotemar, a Decorated Service Leader in the Energy Market

Cotemar refers to a Mexican corporation serving in the gas and oil market. The company was initiated in 1979 as a service industry and has since evolved into the most prominent offshore service company within the energy sector. Cotemar has its head offices in Campeche, Mexico. Besides, it is privately owned with approximately 10,000 expert personnel. The gas and oil firm specializes in offering services to offshore oil fields and PEMEX via secure transports.


Much history exists behind Cotemar which began its operation in 1979 offering two primary services. One of such services was catering, and accommodation and the other included the provision of specialized transport vessels. In 1981, the corporation became the industry leader after it expanded its fleet to transport more recruits and materials. In 1985, Cotemar acquired its first rig to serving as an accommodation platform. It expanded its operation in 1988 by including three vessels and five platforms that helped the company to offer extra services. In 2012, Cotemar included specialized vessels like cranes that offered them a new opportunity to transport both solid and liquid materials. As a result, Cotemar partnered with COSCO in the development of two semi-submersible rigs. Additionally, it launched the construction on Atlantis by 2013, and in 2015 it expanded into the onshore upstream market. Moreover, one of the corporation’s divisions won a contract with the Moloacan Tender in Veracruz in in 2016. Currently, the company is undertaking more business ventures and is considered a top service provider in the energy sector.

Since its founding, Cotemar offers many services. First, it prides of providing accommodation and food services that include laundry services, recreational services, bedding, and general cleaning as well as meals to over 4,000 individuals on board. Secondly, it offers specialized and Maritime Support Equipment by providing offshore maintenance, transportation of many types of big materials required for upstream and processing and conveyance of oils and liquids from oil fields. Lastly, it also does construction, renovation, repairs, and engineering services that ensure the safety of goods in transit.


Since Cotemar has been operational for over 38 years, it has acquired the relevant experience required in offering top-quality service within the energy market. This is one of the reasons to choose this company to cater for your business needs.


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