Dick DeVos: The Man, The Philanthropist And The Education Agenda

Dick has been a philanthropist for long now in his quest to help underprivileged kids who just happen to lack proper education because of where they live and the low income that their families get which cannot feed and educate them at the same time.


He has given out a collective $139 million to the charity that targets kids who can’t afford school. They have been on the Forbes list for top givers where they took position 24. This goes to show just how much they have given over the years to charity alone.


The Political Angle


The DeVos family has been in the limelight as financial backers of the Republican cause, and they have donated to this political wing several times over the years. Some people even presume to say that the charity is a veil that covers their political interests from the public eye.


The Education Angle


He says that he has seen the way that the American education system is not helping the students fulfill the American Dream which is a big deal for him.


The Beneficiaries


His charitable actions have benefited several schools that include:

  1. Compass College of Cinematic Arts
  2. Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning
  3. Northwood University
  4. Michigan Aviation Academy


These are just a few of the schools that he has been funding.


The Success


The schools that have been funded by this charity have reported success that shows just how much accountability goes into ensuring that the money given out is allocated properly to help students from everywhere; minorities, poor and even from the neighboring states of the schools that he funds.


He used a total of $22 million to launch the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland which has had a big impact on the faculties there. Also, it has been known that when they donate money in these quantities, they do not have ulterior motives other than better education.


The Family Man


DeVos has hinted about the impact that his children have had on his charitable spirit as they have had a hand in pushing him towards giving more by encouraging him and reminding him that he can do better than he has right now.


The Source Of The Fortune


The DeVos family has at the helm of the Amway Corporation that deals with the sales and distribution of health products. Dick DeVos is the one who is running the corporation now, and he has been generous with his fortune.

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  1. Paul Neil says:

    This charity that has been going on for long has been beneficial to the development and reforms of education in his home state Michigan. They have presumably given over $1 billion to the Republican interests. It is very important for them to buy a research paper for college and make a very good use of it all the time.