Getting to know Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is currently the chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC, one of the most notable advisory firms in San Fransisco. She is credited for enforcing compliance in the corporate world. I believe that due to her extensive knowledge in the financial world, her input has been unrivaled in the industry. This was seen in the economic crash in 2008 when people started to hold their finances in their hands. When this phase was over, Hall as a company come in handy by rescuing the public by enforcing accountability and regulatory compliance.
I like Morrison’s assertiveness and focus on the finer details. Her hard work, despite being a lady in the compliance field has made a great impression in the industry. Before they make any investments for a client, Morrison ensures that the process and the entity are solid and ethical. Before any brokerage firm, mutual funds advisor or financial advisor deals with a client, Hall ensures that they go through a thorough investigation in order to ascertain their credibility. This has helped improve the image of the sector through transparency. In case of any anomaly that would be detected in the course of this process, appropriate legal action would be taken against the firm involved.
Helane Morrison has had a successful career over the years. She was the head of ‘SEC’ before he finally joined Hall Capital in 2007. While working at SEC, her main duties were to enforce securities, regulatory compliance and litigation matters in Northern California. She represented SEC in matters related to the legal field, government agencies, business relations and financial communities.
During her time at SEC, she also dealt with issues related to fraud from top executives in top companies like Hewlett-Packard, Google, HBO and NextCard. This is the type of personality that one would need to have if they are to win the trust of the people. I like the fact that she was not afraid to act and would discharge her duties without fear or favor.
Apart from her post at her current company, she is also a part time speaker on compliance and legal issues that may arise from investment advisories. Morrison’s determination has seen her scale the heights of her career with ease. She is ambitious and believes in making every process just and credible.

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