Jason Hope: Predictions on the Increasingly Pleasurable Experience of Travel

When you’re traveling on an airplane, you want to know that you are going to be safe. In fact, safety is often a top priority for many who are utilizing air travel. When stepping onto a plane, you are always under the assumption that it has been checked and rechecked to be sure that there is a certain degree of safety. Unfortunately, disasters happen and sometimes these checks seem to have overlooked something. This can be a terrifying part of air travel; however uncommon it is. People want to know that there is some guaranteed degree of safety, even if it’s not necessarily up-to-date.

Jason Hope wants to know, how travelers would feel knowing for sure that the information airport staff have about the plane and engine are completely accurate or current? You see, he believes that there will be greater uses of technologies such as beacons assigned to certain portions of the plane that can prove to be dangerous should they fail. This is all part of the greater interest in implementing IOT networks into the air travel system. Air travel continues to be a very popular form of transportation, with many people engaging in almost constant travel.

So, what are IOT networks? IOT stands for Internet-of-Things. The IOT is all around you. It is a major part of your day when you check your cell phone or log into a device to look up some information. You may see it when you access smart devices, such as your refrigerator or TV. The thing they all have in common is that they can easily communicate with each other and give consumers real-time, accurate information about their status. It seems very reasonable that airline officials would want to have that technology implemented within mechanisms. It can give a level of peace that is unmatched by any other types of safety precautions that are being utilized right now.

Jason Hope explains using his extensive knowledge in the technology industry, that this technology is only getting started in this industry. Jason Hope has used his skills as a futurist to predict such changes and he knows that there will be more changes coming. He warns travelers to be prepared for changes, even though he believes that they will be exceptional to their way of life. With such wonderful predictions by Jason Hope, it is no wonder that travelers can count on a better experience in the future.

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