Lime Crime and Doe Deere Redefining Modern Makeup

Creating a beauty empire is certainly not for the faint of heart, and Doe Deere has proven that fearlessness usually pays off. Today, Lime Crime makeup is a famous brand that is mostly sold online and has become a social media darling. Lime Crime’s Instagram has just gone over 3 million fan followers.


Doe Deere had humble beginnings with Lime Crime, the independent beauty company she launched in 2008. The respected entrepreneur sat down with GuestOfAGuest to talk shop and how she arrived on the journey she keeps walking along.


Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York City in her late teens, taking her immense curiosity and artistic creativity with her. She planned on a music career, and that’s exactly what Doe Deere achieved at one point. She met her husband in a band she joined and had a blast learning the industry.


Doe Deere then moved onto the fashion and beauty arenas, noting that clothing, hair and makeup were the ultimate style trio that always go together and create a look. In 2008, she fearlessly launched her Lime Crime makeup brand, unsure what the reaction would be. Let’s be frank; her cosmetics were wild, crazy colored and turning heads. Lime Crime had evolved as the anti-proper makeup alternative, and there were tons of people who appreciated the brand’s uniqueness, modern approach and don’t give a hoot attitude.


Lime Crime makeup is sold on e-commerce and has survived the challenges of online business longevity. In fact, the brand grows hotter by the moment because Doe Deere understands pop culture, social and beauty trends and how to harmonize these features.


Lime Crime is an empowering cosmetics brand, allowing women and the men who wear it to stand boldly, put the radical colors on and enjoy their freedom. In other words, the giant makeup companies can no longer call the shots and define what is proper and pretty. In a Lime Crime world, the fantasy and shades are all yours, and if you decide to wear cement-colored lipstick, then show it off.


Doe Deere continues to offer her makeup-obsessed shoppers lots of glitter, colors beyond the rainbow, iridescence, luminosity and Gothic beauty. Celebrities have since discovered the sexy brand and have worn Lime Crime in magazine lay-outs, covers and on the famous red carpet.


Lime Crime enjoys breaking the beauty rules. Try some, and see.


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