Orange Coast College Reinstates its Position as the Leader in Rowing with 12th National Title

Orange Coast College, one of the leading community colleges in California, retains its top position in rowing with 12th National Title. It is an inspirational story how the team continuously wins the titles in water, especially in sports items that are considered to be purely amateur.

Rowing is a sport that displays grace, power, and unity, and even the heart of the nine rowers beat together. Each participant of this sport in the college has something great to talk about it.

For Daniel Amado, the captain of the novice team, it is a sport that embodies fighting spirit as he recovered from a disc break in the back only because of his affection for this sport. He believes that rowing makes people strong enough to fight back from crunch situations.

The team follows a strict practice schedule, and it starts at 6:30 a.m. six days a week usually from August to May. The hard work of the team has paid well over the years. Since the national title established almost 60 years ago, the college team has won 11 times. Additionally, 10 of its students participated in Olympics and world championships.

Each year, the college team goes through rigorous training sessions, and almost 80 students register for the participation. Every week at least 20 hours spent on the training, interestingly, at the end of the season, only half of the people continue with the team. The intense training sessions make the team to win against major four-year university teams and claim the title.

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 in Orange County, California. The community college offers two-year associate degrees in arts and science subjects, and it receives approximately 25,000 enrolments in each semester. As of today, the college offers courses in 135 academic and career-oriented programs embedded with the latest technology.

It stands top on the list of community colleges with the number of student transfers to California State University and the University of California. The community college offers spring, summer, fall, and winter classes, and it is accredited by the WASC or Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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