OSI Group acquires Tyson Food Plant in Chicago

OSI Group is a popular food processing company that is based in Aurora in the United States. The successful company recently announced that it had managed to acquire the former Tyson Food Plant that is found in Chicago. According to the documents filed at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, the food plant was bought for seven million dollars.

In November last year, Tyson Foods announced that more than four hundred and eighty jobs would be lost if it closed the facility located at the 420 1 S. Ashland Ave. The organization was planning to close the facility by October this year. During the last day of production at the Tyson Food plant, the spokeswoman from Tyson Foods, Caroline Ahn said that only two hundred and fifty individuals were remaining. According to her statement to the press, the rest of the employees were already given employment opportunities at the OSI Group

The spokeswoman from OSI, known as Alison Kovaleski told the press that she was not able to determine the exact number of people who were currently working at the plant, so she could not comment on the subject.

The OSI Group made a short announcement on its website in June last year. According to the announcement, the two hundred thousand square feet facility that was based at the Back of the Yards region was very close to OSI Group Chicago facilities, and that it was going to work hard to provide the essential infrastructure needed for business growth.

Kevin Scott works as the senior executive vice president for OSI Group in North America. After the acquisition, Kevin said that the new facility would enhance the capabilities of the organization to meet the ever-evolving needs of the company clients. In an announcement made in June last year, Kevin said that his team was jubilant to have the new facility as part of the organizations manufacturing network.

OSI Group is known to many as a privately owned enterprise, and it offers consumers a variety of meat products. Some of these products include breakfast sausage and delicious bacon. The company also provides food products that are needed for retail brands and food servings. At the moment, the organization operates in more than sixty facilities that are found in sixteen nations.

Before its acquisition, Tyson Foods focused of prepared meals for its clients in the hospitality industry. The organization would make products such as meatballs, tempura chicken, crepes, soups, omelets, and sources.

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