Academy of Art University Takes Students to Fashion Week

Getting into the fashion industry is a very popular dream for many people. For those that are looking to get into the industry, getting the right education is very important. One school that can provide an amazing experience and educational background is the Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University is an art and fashion school that is located in San Francisco. The school currently has an enrollment of over 12,600 students and nearly 300 teachers and 1,200 faculty. It is currently one of the largest art and fashion schools in the United States. The Academy of Art University offers a wide range of different degree paths and also provides students with the ability to participate in many different real life activities that impact the fashion industry.

One of the areas in which students at Academy of Art University can participate is at fashion week in New York City. Fashion week in New York City is widely considered to be one of the top fashion events of the year. Those that go to the Academy of Art University and attend the event will receive a significant amount of experience along with the event.

For students from the Academy of Art University, going to Fashion Week is an ultimate dream. Those that attend will get to meet with designers, models, and many other people that work in the industry. Those that go to the event will get to spend time asking a lot of questions to get more insight into opportunities in the market and where the industry is going. This can be great insight that could also help to build great connections that could help anyone to get their first job after finishing their education at the Academy of Art University. This can be the first step in building a great career.

Ronald Fowlkes Military and Non-military Work Experience

Due to his vast experience and knowledge, Ronald Fowlkes is today a renowned revolutionary in the law enforcement and commercial products arena. According to Crunchbase, Fowkles is the current Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries Ltd, where he specializes in business products and Law enforcement. The company is a leading supplier of multi-application ammunition for military, sporting and law enforcement. The Anoka, Minnesota based firm operates a division in Fenton, Missouri and employs over 4,000 people in its 16 locations spread across the US. Fowlkes core responsibilities as Business Development Manager includes training strong sale workforce consisting of 150 people, performing product selection and overseeing customer relations.


Prior to joining Eagle Industries, Fowlkes served the US military in various capacities, including tactical training at the Navy Marine Corps and working as a contractor for the Department of Defense. In case of the latter, Fowlkes served with the revered Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization or JIEDDO in Iraq. The combat operations carried out by Fowlkes at the time included mounting and dismounting infantry operations and instructing the military on combat tactics and secretive operations. He also instructed the US military personnel on evidence collection, CQB and hostage rescue, tactical questioning of captured persons and performing post blast analysis.


While serving in the US Marine Corps for 5 years from 1989 to 1993, Fowlkes was promoted in two occasions. On the overall, Fowlkes boasts law enforcement experience spanning 13 years; 10 of these were with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and 3 years with the St. Louis County Police Department. He also served the HRT Team at the St. Louis Metropolitans for 7 years. Fowlkes became the team leader in 2003. His responsibilities read as follows; dealing with High Risk Entries, hostage incidents and barricaded subjects. The non combat ops, Fowlkes and his team carried out when the unit wasn’t deployed included undertaking self initiated investigations into the trafficking of hard drugs, illegal gangs and illegal gun possessions across the cities and suburbs.


The unit is also trained to act on civil disobedience and WMD operations. The Gulf War veteran attended the Marine Corps School of Infantry to undertake Marine Combat training, Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company basic course and Basic Engineering course. The highly decorated officer earned his prestigious advance Navy Marine Corps Parachute Insignia at the Army Parachute School. During his time at 1st ANGLICO, he carried out the risky air, reconnaissance and naval gunfire parachute missions using non-encrypted and encrypted radio as well as laser designator. Outside the world of military, a brief about Ronald Fowlkes on About.Me reveals his love for coaching at his son’s hockey team. Fowlkes also enjoys traveling and mentoring youths.


Jake Gottlieb and the Power of Cultivating People.

Jacob Gottlieb, founder of Visium Asset Management, attributes a good portion his success with both the firm and it’s leading product, the Visium Balanced Fund, to the skill and genius of his talented staff.

The Visium Balanced Fund, a long-short equity health care fund, with 2.4 billion dollars in assets has maintained impressive record. Currently, the fun has operated at an annualized return of 15.6 percent since its inception in 2005. An impressive feat indicative of in depth research and thorough planning. The success of the fund making it a strong investment within the healthcare equity markets.

Jacob Gottlieb fosters a corporate culture of quality and integrity within his firm, traits he diligently cultivates within his own philosophy. As intelligent risk taker, Jacob Gottlieb mitigates exposure with careful planning and pragmatic mindset. He is disciplined enough to do things the correct way and his personal discipline and integrity toward his work provides a guide for his talented financial team.

Under his guidance, the Visium Asset Management team looks to develop new product lines and investment services.These additional projects will be painstakingly researched and planned and are expected to provide the same level of returns that investors have come to expect from the Visium Balanced Fund.

It is ambitious goal, but it is one that Mr. Gottlieb is sure he and his team will achieve.

The financial team at Visium Asset Management are not the only group Jacob Gottlieb cultivates. He feels a great concern toward the growing number of homeless youth and has taken steps to provide aid to this often overlooked need.

Actively contributing to the Covenant House gives Jacob Gottlieb the opportunity to foster homeless youth through housing, care and advocacy programs. The Covenant House is one of best resources for youth in need and has been instrumental to the success of many young adults. In addition, services such as the Covenant House are on the frontline in the prevention of human trafficking as a source of refuge and protection for victims.

By cultivating people and directing through discipline and integrity, Jacob Gottlieb will continue to provide value to investors through the products of Visium Asset Management and the community at large through his support of the Covenant House.

Architectural Impact On Public Health From The Perspective Of the CEO of American Institute of Architects

AIA (American Institute of Architects), an organization based in Washington D.C., supports the architecture profession through education and public outreach to ensures its favorable public image. The group works in joint efforts with various members of the construction and design community in efforts to bring its mission to realization. Currently, the organization’s leader is Robert Ivy, who posts as the Chief Executive Officer.

Robert Ivy, currently the CEO of the organization, received numerous awards. Among them is the Crain Award (2009), and the McGraw-Hill Award in the area of Management Excellence (1998). He recently spoke about the relationship between the public health and design, pointing out different ways in which buildings can affect the overall well-being of a community. View Robert Ivy’s profile at LinkedIn

Ivy was named “Master Architect” by the national architecture fraternity in 2010. The award came for his efforts in speaking about the value of design. He is the only expert to have received this honor in the 21st century, with only six predecessors who have won it in the history of the fraternity.

Ivy sees design as a significant part of the public health, addressing the Washington D.C swamp draining and the New York Central Park Olmsted design. The idea behind the latter was to return to normal a part of the city affected by substandard housing. In this context, architecture plays a vital role in public health. He feels like architecture focuses on different themes and designs throughout the decades, creating a uniformed style that marks different decades. He points out that buildings affect public health more than it’s currently recognized.

Robert Ivy explains that architecture may affect the rate of non-communicable diseases in a community. Diseases such as diabetes and heart disease could reduce in rates if the buildings offer more walking up the stairs, access to clean water, and enough fresh air and sunlight. Construction materials, however, affect public health most directly. The adequate selection of building materials can have a positive impact on mass health and improve the quality of life.

Improving welfare and promoting health and safety is a mantra among designers, according to Robert Ivy. He notices a difference in a way these terms are understood by young designers. Well-being, according to Robert Ivy, has a deeper meaning. It includes psychological and spiritual aspects of a being. He finds it necessary for architects to communicate with experts in other areas to complete this mission, noting that isolation has a negative impact on creativity.

Ivy thinks that more proof is necessary that buildings are genuinely making an impact on the future humanitarian and economic progress. He feels that more critical effort needs to be put in overtime to see further results. Read:



Cigarettes Under Fire: Brazilian Attorney Bruno Fagali Breaks Down Anti-Tobacco Legislature In The U.S And Brazil

In a blog entry studded with retro 50’s cigarette advertisements for toasted lucky strikes, online attorney Bruno Fagali underscores some of the differences between anti-tobacco sentiments in legislature occurring in the United States and Brazil. In Brazil, the legislature is targeting one specific attribute of cigarettes: Flavor additives.

Bruno Fagali notes that the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, Anvisa, is involved in an review of the constitutionality of the prohibition of the addition of flavor additives to cigarettes sold in Brazil. The blog goes on to detail the arguments of those defending and attacking the law passed in 2012 which made Brazil the first company in the world to prohibit the addition of flavor additives to cigarettes and pays special attention to the possibility that the law may have increased the popularity of cigarette smuggling in Brazil.

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While Brazilians contend with flavor additives, Bruno Fagali’s blog goes on to take a legal glance at the enormous anti-smoking advertising campaign impending release in the United States. The advertising campaign, which is the largest of its kind ever released, brings tobacco consumption into its cross-hairs by attacking five particulars of tobacco consumption: Adverse health effects caused by smoking, nicotine addiction, lack of significant health benefits of types of cigarettes implied to be less harmful, nicotine distribution nuances, and effects of second-hand smoke.

As the blog entry begins to wrap up, Bruno Fagali exhibits some of his specialties in ethics and regulatory law as he expands on the publication of this advertising campaign and the judicial processes by which it will be vetted and approved.

Bruno Fagali’s website is located at Mr.Bruno Fagali’s advocacy states its mission: To combine their team’s deep knowledge of compliance law, ethics law, administrative law, urban law, and regulatory law to best serve clients with utmost dedication.

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What Robert Ivy Believes is the Answer for Architecture

Robert Ivy, CEO of The American Institute of Architecture is on a mission. That mission is dedicated to bringing attention to the field of architecture, but he also insists that there are certain things will make an individual better in their field. One of the most important elements that Robert Ivy would like to see is a dedication to the craft. This field, unlike most requires architects to tune into their artistic impulses. This means that when they have an idea, they need to get it down on paper as quickly as possible.

Research is one of those areas that Robert Ivy believes should get more attention. Using research to leverage new projects brings a lot to the table in the field of architecture. Today, the topic of discussion in architecture is the use of robots. Opinions differ where robots have a place in the industry, but they can allow the architect to spend more time honing their artistic skills. Learn more at Crunchbase about Robert Ivy

Using tools like the intelligent robots can enhance an architect’s ability to capitalize on design and how it leads to more projects. Augmented Craft, is a manifesto of sorts for the those who want to delve deeper into the gift of design in architecture. The National Science Foundation plays an important role in the development of the right type of robot that architects can use to make their jobs easier. All the while, the main goal is to get architects to get re-acclimated to slots of time in which they can focus on design only.

The American Institute of Architects is a group of architects and design professionals that are dedicated to furthering the craft of architecture. Those who wish to become members are making an investment in themselves. Not only will members meet other professionals, but in doing so, they can learn from each other throughout the networking process.

CEO Robert Ivy believes that there is more to the story than just putting the initials behind your name when you choose to become a member of the AIA. The institute also offers books, professional publications and other resources that any member may purchase in order to further their knowledge.

Robert Ivy was named as the CEO in 2011 for AIA. Since that time, Ivy has taken over the editorial responsibilities as well. His work with the Architectural Record has won numerous awards in the industry as well as from publishers.

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Bob Reina Showcases Newest Talk Fusion Product: Live Meetings.

The world of video marketing is about to change and it will be changing dramatically. Bob Reina and his company Talk Fusion have unveiled their latest web-based innovation, a piece of software built on WebRTC Technology called Live Meetings. Reina and his team have been at the forefront of various video-based marketing innovations over the past ten years and their latest effort looks like it can fundamentally change how companies approach streaming conferences to large groups of people.


Live Meetings is the latest piece to be added to the Talk Fusion marketing suite of tools. Live Meetings is built off of WebRTC Technology and this allows the program to operate without the need for any special software or special downloads. The goal of the application is to give the ‘host’ the ability to stream live video to upwards of 500 recipients/viewers at a time. The application allows for a rotation of up to 15 hosts to be employed at a time. Something like this will be a slam-dunk for companies that want to reach a large audience with minimal effort while still getting their message out in an efficient manner.


In order to operate the Live Meetings application, companies merely need to point their viewers toward the proper web address. From there, viewers will log in and have instant access to the live video stream. There are no special downloads needed and no additional pieces of plug-in software that will be necessary in order for the application to operate. Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina is calling this one of the most innovative additions to his lineup and it is almost entirely due to the sudden reliance upon WebRTC technology.


WebRTC Technology, according to Talk Fusion CTO Ryan Page and CEO Bob Reina, allows users to experience live video in as latency-free of an environment as possible. In fact, Reina and the Talk Fusion crew are employing the software on their own behalf through special Opportunity Presentations for prospective Talk Fusion partners and customers. At the end of 2016 Reina’s company saw their work awarded various industry honors, now we expect the same to happen for the Live Meetings software. Learn more:

Securus Technologies Announces the Activation of Additional Wireless Containment Solution Installation

During the beginning of the year, Securus Technologies announced that they had activated the wireless containment technology solution as one of the newest technologies to detect and prevent unwanted mobile networks in the inmate facilities. The company went live with another facility that the wireless containment technology solution to detect and prevent more than 100,000 illegal contraband cells in the industry. While this solution works to prevent illegal access of networks, it also gives a log of the electronic identities of the phones used to carry out this capability.


Securus Technologies now shares the country’s dismay concerning the recently posted Facebook live video from the Evans Correctional Institution. The video showcased Jose Ariel, the 31-year-old inmate serving his 10-year prison sentence, brandishing a knife. According to the inmate facility, this is not the first time he is caught with an illegal mobile phone in the inmate industry. If the inmate facility deployed the Securus’ wireless technology solution, this video would have been prevented.


Securus Technologies is the technology pioneer in the inmate industry. The company is holding supply contracts for more than 40 inmate facilities across the United States. The reason why the company is securing these competitive contracts is that they have proved to be the best in the issuance of technology. The company is two years ahead of everyone in technology provisions to the inmate industry. For the inmate industry to stay safer, they require the highest level of technology products to counter the negative effects associated with criminals in the inmate industry. This is why Securus Technologies is the best choice for them.


JPay is the largest digital payment solution for inmates. The company has a decade of experience serving inmates with the most secure payment options. JPay also issues entertainment applications as well as other correctional journals that foster correction in the inmate industry. JPay is the ultimate platform when it comes to the issuance of communication, digitized payment, educational, and entertainment technologies in the correctional space. For many years now, Securus Technologies has admired the services JPay offers in the inmate industry. For this reason, they decided to make the first move to purchase the company when it was on offer.


Securus Technologies has also announced that they have signed the purchase agreement form to purchase JPay Company. This transaction has been in wait for more than six months. However, the day has arrived to incorporate the two companies in the closest bond. JPay operates in over 22 inmate facilities with major profits emanating from the entertainment and educational applications whose information is useful for the inmates. According to Securus Technologies, this transaction will enable them to become the fastest growing company operating in the inmate industry. The transaction was closed yesterday by the federal bodies working in their favor.


A look at the Groups that Defend and Protect Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

Numerous groups throughout the country advocate for civil rights, human rights, and migrant rights. Civil and migrant rights are the most neglected rights. These organizations, therefore, come in to create awareness about the need to respect international human rights and in the process, strengthening the rule of law.

One example of such a group is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the founders of the organization. They aimed to safeguard the rights of migrants across Arizona and the Mexican border.

On 18th October 2007, the two journalists got arrested after they ran a story revealing the existence of proceedings initiated by the county’s grand jury seeking reporters’ notes touching on the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio.

The grand jury warrants also demanded the identity of everyone who had accessed the articles online. Lacey and Larkin, being enthusiasts of the implementation of first amendment rights, sued Maricopa County and won $3.75 million as court settlements. They directed the money to the foundation to supports advocates handling civil, human and migrant rights cases.

Another group is the Advocates for Human Rights. The organization has been in existence for over 30 years and is on the frontline fighting for human rights across the globe. Their initiatives have positively influenced the lives of several children, women, and immigrants. They rely on the employed staff and volunteers to achieve this. They have also managed to sign partnership deals with partners who finance their activities.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA), is a California based group that has been championing for the rights of immigrants for over three decades. CHIRLA began its operations immediately after the enactment of the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act.

This act criminalized the employment of workers without valid documents. CHIRLA chipped in to protect immigrant workers and their families. The group wants an all-inclusive society where one is free to move freely. They envision a society that respects the role of rights and freedoms in a democracy. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is also another group that champions for the rights of immigrants. They fight public and private discrimination against immigrants. For close to three decades now, ACLU has been on the forefront fighting for immigrant rights and protecting their freedoms.

The group has been in and out of courtrooms challenging laws that infringe on the rights of immigrants.

Vijay Eswaran Executive Advice: Colleges Must Start Teaching Students To Seize Smart Risks

There is much uncertainty about the future. College degrees are no longer the guaranteed ticket onto the fast-lane of success. As executive chairman of the Qi Group, Vijay Eswaran knows a thing or two about climbing to the top.

If you are concerned about your future prosperity, you’ll gleam invaluable insight in charting your own path to your highest potential.

The key point Mr. Eswaran has to make is colleges have taught students to avoid risk. Instead of looking to make their own way, students are looking to just receive a job.

This traditional way of looking at the world will not stand up to the changes in technology. Nor will it survive the rising competition from countries such as China.

Handling this inherent instability will require taking calculated risks. Many students are opting to gain real-world leadership roles in startups over old-school offices. While the pay and risk may be less attractive to some, a new graduate will learn the nuts and bolts of business by building one from scratch. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

At a new company, there are no formal hierarchies. Responsibility rests upon the shoulders of every employee there. The company will rely on everyone to pull their own weight. Increased duties offer students opportunities to showcase their ability to get results.

Future employers will be impressed by their track record of executing and getting things done. This experience can also translate directly into building their own business. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

Startups are the ideal place for those who are action and solution-oriented thinkers. There are much fewer layers of communication to run an idea past before taking action. This is the ideal place to network. Connections one makes can pay dividends their entire career.

Most attractive of all is the chance to earn equity in a growing company. It is not uncommon for a early employee to receive a significant amount of stock options as compensation. Equity in a growing company can be worth a high multiple of the company’s earnings.

Finally, Vijay also says it is critical to weight one’s values in comparison to potential work environments. Some may want a clearly defined role, others may seek more freedom. One must understand who they are as a person and recognize what kind of environment they will thrive in. In the end, this is a personal decision.