Securus Technologies – An 80% Upgrade in Manpower

Securus Technologies offers a multitude of services and products to enhance their clients’ business needs. Over the past decades, this technology company moved forward from simply helping with public safety to adequately address those needs that help people understand how to get back on their feet in society. So far, the numbers are looking positive for CEO Richard A. Smith.


The First Nine Months of 2016 Show Positive Results


According to the plan, Securus Technologies featured the Securus’ Automated Information Services (AIS) to the corrections industry. Through this particular program, inmates and concerns family and friends are enabled to quickly gain contact with a “customizable” interactive voice response (IVR) system. In relation to the industry, this type of technology represents an effective platform where incoming calls are answered to adequately direct both inmates and interested family and friends with the answers without worrying about manpower concern. For example, with a phone call, people can inquire about the following:


  1. Upcoming dates
  2. Charges
  3. Bond information
  4. Visitation schedules and more


Ideally, manpower controlled those types of operations; however, with this new system, the information is allowed to flow more smoothly without waiting for someone to answer and be able to assist callers properly. For the most part, an incarceration is a serious event and those moments can be confusing to the inmates, family members, and other people who are interested to know more about corrections.


Furthermore, representatives claim that this kind of investment shows immediate savings, in relation to time spent gathering the information and relaying the information properly to people over the telephone.

About Securus Technologies

The headquarters is located in Dallas, TX while its systems continue to employ software, products, and services to clients. Currently, Securus covers many regions in North America by providing solutions to enhance investigations, information gathering, and monitoring, while continuing to help responders do their jobs. Please, visit the Securus Technologies website to learn more.




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  1. Peter Sanderous says:

    According to Securus Technologies, the AIS automates 80% of those types of calls, in order to leave on-the-job staff members free to provide manpower in another part of the business. The only way for to have what is required is to make sure they all work out well good for them too.