Securus Technologies Announces the Activation of Additional Wireless Containment Solution Installation

During the beginning of the year, Securus Technologies announced that they had activated the wireless containment technology solution as one of the newest technologies to detect and prevent unwanted mobile networks in the inmate facilities. The company went live with another facility that the wireless containment technology solution to detect and prevent more than 100,000 illegal contraband cells in the industry. While this solution works to prevent illegal access of networks, it also gives a log of the electronic identities of the phones used to carry out this capability.


Securus Technologies now shares the country’s dismay concerning the recently posted Facebook live video from the Evans Correctional Institution. The video showcased Jose Ariel, the 31-year-old inmate serving his 10-year prison sentence, brandishing a knife. According to the inmate facility, this is not the first time he is caught with an illegal mobile phone in the inmate industry. If the inmate facility deployed the Securus’ wireless technology solution, this video would have been prevented.


Securus Technologies is the technology pioneer in the inmate industry. The company is holding supply contracts for more than 40 inmate facilities across the United States. The reason why the company is securing these competitive contracts is that they have proved to be the best in the issuance of technology. The company is two years ahead of everyone in technology provisions to the inmate industry. For the inmate industry to stay safer, they require the highest level of technology products to counter the negative effects associated with criminals in the inmate industry. This is why Securus Technologies is the best choice for them.


JPay is the largest digital payment solution for inmates. The company has a decade of experience serving inmates with the most secure payment options. JPay also issues entertainment applications as well as other correctional journals that foster correction in the inmate industry. JPay is the ultimate platform when it comes to the issuance of communication, digitized payment, educational, and entertainment technologies in the correctional space. For many years now, Securus Technologies has admired the services JPay offers in the inmate industry. For this reason, they decided to make the first move to purchase the company when it was on offer.


Securus Technologies has also announced that they have signed the purchase agreement form to purchase JPay Company. This transaction has been in wait for more than six months. However, the day has arrived to incorporate the two companies in the closest bond. JPay operates in over 22 inmate facilities with major profits emanating from the entertainment and educational applications whose information is useful for the inmates. According to Securus Technologies, this transaction will enable them to become the fastest growing company operating in the inmate industry. The transaction was closed yesterday by the federal bodies working in their favor.


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  1. Madeleine Noah says:

    Leaving no room for unnecessary excuses led Securus to make this announcement and also inline with with their move to right the wrong attributed to them by their opponent, making it two types of papers which will discuss the positive effects of having those good things. Honestly, there will be days when this wireless network may fail, hence they will definitely need backup.