Securus Technologies Corrects Misleading Information by GTL

Securus Technologies recently came out publicly to make a press release that addresses several claims made by GTL. In early press releases, GTL made several allegations that were false. The claims targeted the reputation of Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has since come out to defend itself. Most of the claims made by GTL directly impacted Securus reputation. Securus Technologies Company CEO has therefore come out to defend the company reputation. He saw the need of sending out information to the public. The press release by Securus comes with findings based on facts and data. It is an indication that GTL has not been totally honest with its customers.


Securus Technologies made an extensive press release. It contained detailed information that showed that GTL had made gross errors and released inaccurate information. Additionally, the information made by GTL in earlier posts had to be reviewed if they were legit or not. Securus Technologies considered the patent technologies and procedures in question and found them to be extremely inaccurate.


However, GTL has sought the short term process to tarnish the name of other companies. I think that GTL should seek to find its patented technologies first before tarnishing that of others. Securus Technologies has more patents than GTL. While GTL has only 51, Securus Technologies has its total number of patents amounting to 151.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas. It has served several public safety facilities and millions of inmates within the United States. The company has always shown its dedication to serving. It provides services that improve communication and safety in correction facilities. BBB recently reviewed the firm. It determined that Securus has a rating of A+.


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  1. Annanias Josh says:

    Securus Technologies knows that obtaining a patent doesn’t take a few years. It is a long process that takes a lot of time and consumes millions of dollars. It can also move one to make to do the needful which does not come as a surprise at all.