Sheldon Lavin Drives OSI Group To Become a Successful Meat Processing Industry.

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of OSI Group LLC, a food, and meat processing industry. He is also the OSI International Foods LTD president, and more so an active participant in all the company’s operations.

Sheldon has been involved with the meat industry since 1970 when the company sourced for him to finance the expansion of the meat processing facility to meet the McDonald’s need for supply. By then, the company was known as Otto & Sons and they had Sheldon as their consultant.

Sheldon became a partner of the company in 1975, approximately 43 years ago. He took part in the expansion of the company beyond the United States to places like Asia, Europe, and South America. Being impressed with the strategies and business culture of the company, Sheldon accepted to join the firm fully.

The company went on with its expansion journey in the 1980’s opening companies in Taiwan, Japan, South Africa, China, Australia, and the Philippines. It was during that time that Sheldon bought the company’s controlling interest making him the owner. Today, OSI Group has over 80 facilities operating in 17 countries.

Worldwide the company has over 20,000 employees, all working together and treated like a global family, a unique culture that Sheldon has motivated. This culture has promoted limited employees turnover, and employees work on the company for several years. By delegating responsibilities to his strong, reliable executive team, Sheldon has been able to see the company overcome the odds through making informed decisions.

Other than being a financial consultant, and a great leader, Sheldon is also a philanthropist. He is an active donor to several charities which include the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Jewish United Fund, United Negra College Fund, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Inner City Foundation of Chicago, among others. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

Additionally, Sheldon has received a number of awards including India’s Vision World Academy award, the Global Visionary Award, which he received on 29th February 2016. This is an award honored to visionaries who make their dreams a reality despite the challenges. At the same time, OSI Group has acquired several awards under Sheldon’s leadership. In 2016, OSI Fodd Solutions UK received Globe Honour Award from the British Safety Council, for safe environment management. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon is a board member of Goodman Theater and Rush University Medical Center as well as a Trustee for McDonald House Charities. OSI Group also owns Amick Farms, a producer of premium chicken products, since August 2006. The acquisition is for the purposes of enlarging the meat processing portfolio for the company. Sheldon Lavin Continues Global Expansion of OSI Group With Commitment To Green Innovations