Sussex Healthcare, Achieving Success In Adult Care Services

For more than twenty years, Sussex Healthcare has been offering support services to the elderly and other adults who require specialized attention. It operates care homes on England’s southern coast. The two joined chairpersons of Sussex Healthcare, Mr. Shafik Sachedina, and Mr. Shiraz Boghani have brought together their different backgrounds and expertise to Sussex. The combination of Shafik’s medical experience in dental surgery and Shiraz’s background in managing hotels have unified over the years to develop a vibrant and award-winning adult care system.

The company’s first facility began in 1985. Currently, over 20 care homes operate under the Sussex umbrella, and this includes a daycare unit, a modern gym, and self-contained residential units. Sussex focuses not only on running live-in centers for the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia but also on young adults dealing with neurological challenges and other cognitive matters as well. Sussex Healthcare runs facilities that take care of individuals with both extensive and limited care needs.

The company’s skilled support team and caregivers get training and are devoted to looking after those people who have no other place to call home apart from Sussex Healthcare. Competitive compensation, training, and continuing education are all features of the Sussex Healthcare management.


The company offers care services that are challenging to get in some circumstances. The old generation is beginning to have health issues that require care and make them less accessible to assist the elderly. Sussex Healthcare provides the essential care as the need arises. In the US, nearly 10,000 members of this generation attain the age of 65 each day, and most of them require care services as well.

The prize-winning homes have been successful in offering over 26 years of healthcare services in Sussex Healthcare by meeting the various needs of clients and patients who require first-class individual-centered services. The objective of the company is to maintain a place as the leader in nursing and residential care services in Sussex Healthcare and surrounding regions. A devotion to providing the most effective and high-quality care that meets the needs of patients through a first-class professional team motivates employees to higher performance.

The philosophy that influences the success of Sussex supports the concept of good health entails more than not having a disease. Through an all-inclusive style that recognizes the significance of recreation, social and leisure undertakings, the management focuses on the crucial factors of good health and the overall well-being as well. These care homes provide the clients with an environment that encourages each of them to take part in various activities. The events selected by caregivers are those that match the interests and abilities of an individual.