The Moves of a Frantic Investor

Kyle bass is an American hedge fund manager and also the founder and principal of Hayman Capital Management L.P. He was interviewed by FOX Business Network (FBN) hosts Gary Kaminsky and Maria Bartiromo who sought to find out what his thoughts were on the upcoming presidential election and the state of the United States economy in 2016. Bass was of the opinion that there was a 40-50% chance of the country facing a minor recession in 2017. He showed his support for Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States and in his words ‘ she is the most sane actor of them all.’

While he came out of now where and was crowned as a genius who could do no wrong, time has slowed down and eventually fizzled out any mojo he held and he has been making one damaging choice after another. The alliances Kyle Bass has made over the years have also been questioned by the public as well as his peers. One of this is the support he offers for the Argentinian despot Cristian Fernandez de Kirchner who is been said to be the worst decision ever to happen to the economy of her country. Kyle Bass came to her defence after Argentina defaulted on its sovereign debt for the thirteenth year.

Kyle Bass has been accused of damaging pharmaceutical companies by short selling their stocks and then challenging them using front companies such as the coalition for affordable drugs. The results of this is that the stock value of the company goes down and Bass is able to cash in a few millions at the expense of the millions more who require the drugs to relieve their suffering and/ or save their lives. Even as he struggles to remain in the spotlight, the public and those in the media have come to view his stock picking powers as being cook ups with no real background and has been seen as a bottom feeder who is looking for his next scheme.

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  1. Veron Jane says:

    He has been accused of shady ties with Kirchner and behaving like an Argentinian leftist economy minister and not a US hedge fund manager. It is unlikely that superior writing service do not have what is in to support them.