What Robert Ivy Believes is the Answer for Architecture

Robert Ivy, CEO of The American Institute of Architecture is on a mission. That mission is dedicated to bringing attention to the field of architecture, but he also insists that there are certain things will make an individual better in their field. One of the most important elements that Robert Ivy would like to see is a dedication to the craft. This field, unlike most requires architects to tune into their artistic impulses. This means that when they have an idea, they need to get it down on paper as quickly as possible.

Research is one of those areas that Robert Ivy believes should get more attention. Using research to leverage new projects brings a lot to the table in the field of architecture. Today, the topic of discussion in architecture is the use of robots. Opinions differ where robots have a place in the industry, but they can allow the architect to spend more time honing their artistic skills. Learn more at Crunchbase about Robert Ivy

Using tools like the intelligent robots can enhance an architect’s ability to capitalize on design and how it leads to more projects. Augmented Craft, is a manifesto of sorts for the those who want to delve deeper into the gift of design in architecture. The National Science Foundation plays an important role in the development of the right type of robot that architects can use to make their jobs easier. All the while, the main goal is to get architects to get re-acclimated to slots of time in which they can focus on design only.

The American Institute of Architects is a group of architects and design professionals that are dedicated to furthering the craft of architecture. Those who wish to become members are making an investment in themselves. Not only will members meet other professionals, but in doing so, they can learn from each other throughout the networking process.

CEO Robert Ivy believes that there is more to the story than just putting the initials behind your name when you choose to become a member of the AIA. The institute also offers books, professional publications and other resources that any member may purchase in order to further their knowledge.

Robert Ivy was named as the CEO in 2011 for AIA. Since that time, Ivy has taken over the editorial responsibilities as well. His work with the Architectural Record has won numerous awards in the industry as well as from publishers.

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