Your Checklist For Hiring An Event Planner

There are certain steps you must take when searching for qualified event planners in NYC. You need to determine the details of your event, interview your planners and negotiate the terms. Use the following checklist to hire the right planner for your event.


Figure Out Your Goals: It is easier to plan your event and budget when you figure out your goals.


Figure Out Your Need For A Planner: You need to figure out why you are hiring an event planner so they have an idea of their job.


Figure Out Your Budget: Determine your budget so your planner is aware of how much you are spending on your event.


Find A Qualified Planner: You can find a planner who is experienced in your type of event by checking out chapters of professional membership groups, local chambers of commerce and hotels and the hotel convention sales department.


Interview Three Planners: The interviews should include details about your event, their expertise and their business.



Narrow Your Search To One Planner: Your potential planner should present a plan that is based on your goals and budget.


Find Out Their Budget: Ask your planner to present their terms and fees in advance so you know if they are right for your event.


Negotiate and Review: Hold off on providing a deposit or signing a contract until everything has been reviewed by your legal counsel.


Communicate: Communication is the key to making sure you are on the same page and they are delivering on their promised services.


Be Prepared: Be prepared for the possibility of firing and rehiring your planner or changing planners altogether.


There are many event planning companies in NYC, but one company that is popular among hosts is Twenty Three Layers. The staff has experience is planning personal and corporate events, from a glamorous wedding to an awards banquet. Decorating, catering, photography, entertainment and venue selection are just a few of the services used to make your event a success.


Using a checklist is a great way to find a qualified planner for your event.

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